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Feature Requests / HDR video in still type dual-ISO?
« on: August 21, 2019, 01:17:31 PM »

HDR video feature switches ISO between frames, but Dual-ISO feature reads the sensor at varied ISO at once.
If video could be recorded in dualiso as it is in stills it could solve the frame rate/ghosting issue. Is it possible?

I guess someone must have thought of this before but a few quick searches revealed nothing.

Feature Requests / 5d2 - Low res for high fps
« on: August 29, 2013, 10:22:11 PM »
Hello, first time poster with a re-quest-ion on fps, ain't that cheeky. Anyway...

I never know which 720 people mean but to put it bluntly, would a 720*576|480 @ 60|50|45 fps be possible? If nothing else there is already a 640*480@25 option in the Canon menu, I imagine it would not be too demanding to change one property?

I say this because I have tried to clock my fps higher on my camera but the max it went was 27.1fps. It still shows, but two frames are not exactly what I was hoping for. From what I read in the RAW threads it is possible to set custom frame sizes and given the raw upscale ability (demonstration at: even a recording at 640 could be used for small screen display.

Could this be done?

Thank you.

--------Additional comment:

My options: 5D2 + ML2.3 stable.

There has been some discussion about higher frame speeds and high definition recording (60fps @ 1080 RAW or not). It would not take much for me to accept this as impossible on this camera. On the other hand, lowering the input of data in order to divert resources into faster frames sounds somewhat reasonable to me at least. As aforementioned 720, it is not exactly HD quality but it gets the job done on smaller displays like internet videos, phones and tablets. Moreover, if a high fps is recorded you really need just a few seconds of it at once - I guess.

Lastly I would like to point out that I have searched the forums and if there is an answer to this it must have gone right over my head and I apologize. There is much to read and people don't always state what exactly they are talking about, even in thread titles.
For instance, I've had this camera for years and never understood how people talk about 30fps when the menu options clearly state 640@25, 1920@24 and 1920@25. Wish someone would have said anything about NTSC.

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