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Did you ever wondered how strawberries comes to our grocery stores? I had opportunity to visit construction side of almost 3 hectares greenhouse. There have been many difficulties on the way of our hard working team, but everybody who took a part to complete this project should be proud of them self. Construction started 2015 and it was complete at the end of the year. At 2016 it started to operate on full power.

Gear used: Canon 5D mark III + Magic Lantern tools + RAW Video, Canon ef 16-35mm f/4 IS.

link bellow:

Thank you for watching and you comments.

Kind regards,
Denisas P.


Its all began in 2014, when decided to test my first wide angle lens (canon ef 16-35mm f4 IS) while driving the car. I had big ambitions for new project, but in the end everything was spontaneity random video with my precious memories. Driven and visited different nice places across south of England, mostly with my friends and girlfriend. Thank you for watching and hopefully you will enjoy.

Music by: Lane 8 - Undercover
Camera used: Canon 5 Mark III + Magic Lantern RAW video and ML intervalometer  + Ef 16-35 F4 IS L + EF 70-200mm f2.8 IS L sometimes.


Thank you Magic Lantern for Full-resolution Silent Picture from the live view, without working the shutter, or any other mechanical action. Your shutter won't wear down when making Timelapse Sequences. It require some practise, but after short time you will realize how good quality in can provide.

Thank you for watching ;-)

More info how to use Full-resolution silent pictures with Magic Lantern on your Canon cameras:

Song by:
Hammoc - I can almost see you

Share Your Videos / My first Wedding Video attempt ML RAW 1080p 60FPS
« on: December 22, 2015, 06:19:30 PM »

Hello. Back in October I had a chance  to visit my friends Aylin and Denis wedding in Bulgaria, city named Ruse. For me was pleasure to see them, other friends, to meet new people and opportunity to increase my wedding photo / video experience. It will sound strange, but it is my fist visit at wedding. I learn something new and received plenty advices from from other photographers I met.

Wedding was very fun and interesting to meet new traditions. For me was very difficult to film, because my friends hired professional team to film all wedding. Did not had enough freedom, time, sometimes I was not confident enough and was afraid to be on their way, like this loosing a lot of nice moments.

Share you critic and opinion if this small present to newlyweds is good enough.

Thank you for your time ;-)

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Is This Love (Montmartre Remix)

Filmed in:
Bulgaria, Ruse


This summer as well I get opportunity to visit my friends back home in Lithuania. I got very nice memories from my previous visit last year and I was happy to visit them again at Gelgaudis, at south of Neman (Nemunas) River, Lithuania. Despite bad weather we spend a wonderful time. Got some shorts memories from there. Thank you for watching ;)

Little bit about technical site. First time I used only hacked software from my Canon 5D mark III, called Magic Lantern. All videos were captured at RAW (MLV files transfered to DNG) and time-lapses were done using Silent Pictures mode from Magic Lantern.

Also first time I used new transfer method.
1) MLV video files 
2) transfer to Cinema DNG 
3) Open with Davinci Resolve
4) change color settings decode using: clip and Color space: BMD film. (to get flat picture look)
5) Transfer to DNxHD 444
6) Import and Edit and color correction done with Adobe Premiere CC 2015 using new LUMETRI color correction update.

Summary: results are fabulous and saved me a lot of time. New adobe update: LUMETRI color correction is lifesaver.

Music by:
Jon Hopkins  - The River

Cheers ;)

Share Your Videos / Art By The Sea Festival 2014
« on: December 25, 2014, 11:49:40 PM »

Back in 27'th of September I got a chance to visit one of most interesting and beautiful art festivals I seen this year, called "Art By Sea Festival",
which take place in the Bournemouth, the south coast of England.

My trip that weekend been spontaneous and suddenly I been surprised, when I saw Fire Gardens all other the park on the way to the beach.
I felt like I fall down in the fiery steam-punk world, surrounded by fire alchemists and robotic machines powered by steam. Fabulous atmosphere,
interesting smell all around of unrecognized smoke, plenty artists and musicians from indie and experimental stage. That was spectacular and
unforgettable experience.

Without hesitation I put this on my list of places to visit for next 2015 year and my recommendation for you to take a part as well ;) PS: sorry for my poor English.

More info:

Before buying my first wide angle lenses after so many good responds I got only one option: Samyang 14mm f/2.8. I was very disappointed because of: very noticeable soft corners, big distortions and minor problem - lack of autofocus. So in the end I put my trigger for new canon 16-35mm f/4 IS. From first day I was in love for this lens. Picture sharpness - from corner to corner. Modern look, build like tank and very nice feel of zoom and focusing ring. Very nice to use for video capture as well. Love that it got 77mm filter thread as well, like most of my lens.
I got chance to make timelapses at work using this lens and Magic Lantern futures, so maybe somebody will be interested seeing it:

My quick and random trip around our new Glass House before demolition. In two-three months our hard working team should make it flat, and new, bigger, even more bigger Glass House coming next year.  First time tried to make HyperLapse. I wasn't very happy with results, but was quit difficult to make it smooth on hazard surface. However it was interesting experience.

Let some fish in, prepare your fishing rods and be ready for fishing next year! :D Our new big water reservoir. Do not know all information regarding size and capacity, but the team that has worked on this project did astonishing result.

Thank you watching and your advices. Cheers ;)


Thorpe Park - my heart skipped a beat. My second visit and probably not the last at Thorpe Park, which takes place at the island park close to London and got over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events. Plenty of entertainment and if you wish to test how fast your heart can beat, this is right place! It was scary enough to elevate my heart rate to maximum!

Used x3 crop video mode as well. At the end I got accident when camera was covered by water-wave from one of the rides.  That was opportunity to see how good my 5D mark III weather sealing is. Good news -> 5D mark III build like a tank.

PS: Love Magic Lantern RAW more and more! Thanks for developers for so many great futures! All the rights of song belongs to artist. This is not for commercial purpose, its only for my creative commons. Thank you for watching.

Share Your Videos / Bournemouth Air Festival 2014
« on: October 31, 2014, 08:18:08 PM »

If next year somebody planing to be not so far from south of England, I recommend to visit UK’s biggest, best and free aviation festival - The Bournemouth Air Festival. It takes place over four days in the end of August. Great atmosphere and nice place for festival. Too bad I couldn't visit festival at night show time, because of bad weather, but next year I will not miss that opportunity. 

Want to share some of my small memories from my visit. First time when I used 100% Magic Lantern Raw footage. Great feature like 3x Crop mode was very handy, but to film at ~ 600-900mm was really challenge for fast moving airplanes. Still a lot to learn when it comes to color grading, but when you get used to it, every time you see more and more advantages and flexibility.

Workflow: MLV files converted using MLV Converter (To cinema DNG) -> Davinci Resolve (Color Grading) -> Export to DNxHD 220 10bit -> Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
To bad that after multiple compressions converting and uploading to YouTube, some banding appeared :/

Camera Used - 5D mark III + Magic Lantern RAW
Lenses - EF 100mm f2.8 Macro + Tamron 70-300mm + EF 16-35mm f4 IS (few times).
Music used: Vessels - Myopic Biopic

Thank you for watching, critic and advices.
Denisas P.


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