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It was instant buy for me, check it ouy guys, im on pixel 2 XL and this works in 24fps mode has tons of filters, curve onscreen , grain,jitter adjustments and exposure lock, focus lock.
Its amazing how close his emulation looks IMO expecially if your phone has decent camera like pixel does.


Tutorials and Creative Uses / This is how You get 1/48 shutter in ML
« on: April 04, 2019, 08:09:51 PM »
Set it to 1/45, go to ML Movie menu, select image fine tuning- shutter fine tuning, set it to -1.03 and thats it.It floats between 47and 48 so its probably close to 47.952 exactly 180degree from 23.976 how its supposed to be.
It wont show 48 when you record raw but it works, when you record h264 then it shows its 48.
It also helps with that "stroboscope" effect on contrasty lines when you pan and reduces this kinda of stuttering which is still present on 1/50 shutter.

Hey guys is it possible to record mov files cropped  and save some cpu cycles?
I noticed i have less rolling shutter when im recording raw 2.35:1 compared to recroding 16:9 even in mov h264.
That pre recording crop for sure lest camera record faster, when i use crop 2.35:1 so it doesnt have to sweat as much as when recording 16:9, so is it possible to record actual 2.35:1 to h264 mov files ? That improves rolling shutter and would be worthy from what i see.
What do You guys think ?

Feature Requests / [ALREADY DONE] automatic shutter speed with limits
« on: December 25, 2014, 02:25:45 PM »
So it works kinda like AUTO ISO but its changing shutter speed, you just leave iso at auto and if its iso 100 and still too bright then auto shutter speed is bumping up shuter speed , it doesnt go below 1/50 or 1/60 tho like built in canon one where shutter can go below 1/50.
So instead of going below 1/50 it should bump up ISO.
Or is it already implemented somewhere ?
Or just simply limiting auto shutter speed so it will never go below 1/50.

I have old build which has very nice audio recording option, im using fps override to minimize rolling shutter ( low jello option) but in new version i cant do it as convenient cause sound is disabled when using fps override or i have to record it to separate wav, separate wav option doesnt record for me and error pops up maybe because of class6 card i dont know but it doesnt really work and having separate wav isnt that convenient.
Here is how it looked like in old version :

Here is link to that version , its for canon 550D :

Is it possible to bring that option back or there is something risky that could ruin the footage ?
At least it could be enabled if real fps set in canon menu is 25 and override fps is 25 too, or canon fps is 24 and override fps is 24 , this way footage has original canon fps and sound wont be out of sync so there is no reason to record sound separately.

Feature Requests / Please bring back some older functions
« on: August 18, 2013, 09:20:38 AM »
Hi, i remember in older builds there was smallest waveform option that had visible pink bottom and top line, not only middle blue one like right now, i dont know why someone changed it, im forced to use bigger waveform option but it takes up too much screen, smallest one is useless now cause i cant see the top line, just the middle one, im not even sure whats the use of it if its only 1 middle line.Why it was changed if it was perfect in that build ?
Second thing is recording separate wav in custom fps mode, my problem is that it was recording sound + video in first builds no matter what was fps, then it was disabled and records separately, well maybe it is some reason and its somehow dangerous BUT even if i record at native fps options like 24 or 25fps i cant record with sound which is weird  :(  it stops recording when i choose separate wav, so why not bringing back option to record sound +video to mov file anyway even if its behind many minutes or seconds, i dont really care that its behind i can fix this myself but separate wav is more problematic cause recording stops automatically with error, now theres 2 options, wav or nothing, it was better when i had the sound even if it was late.
I was hoping these options will be back but they arent, im using ML since very early builds 2 years ago and im the type of guy who thinks if its not broken then dont fix it, i think im still forced to use old builds that had audio recording to mov with fps override and better small waveform that shows 3 lines instead of one.
Well i doubt that someone would bring them back but i had to point these things out cause im waiting and waiting and nothing...

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