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Hardware and Accessories / KOMPUTERBAY 1000x price drop on Amazon uk
« on: June 03, 2015, 08:33:57 PM »
I got an email from camelcamelcamel about a pricedrop on Amazon uk for KOMPUTERBAY 1000x CF cards.

£30 for a 32GB 1000x card
£55 for a 64GB 1000x card

Other sizes have similar reductions.

General Development Discussion / formatting CF card to ZFS
« on: April 01, 2015, 08:38:51 AM »
Following A1ex's post;topicseen#msg143774
I can also report I  had some limited success with other operating systems. I've been running PC-BSD on an old laptop since M$ stopped supporting XP.

PC-BSD uses the ZFS filesystem. You can read about how to format a usb stick to ZFS here

Recently I tried formatting my Compact Flash card to ZFS. I then transferred the files from another card and restarted my 50D. Actually it bricked my camera but I had another 50D and when I tried it on that I found that it worked just fine.

I haven't had much time to test it out but it means the 4GB limit which came from the FAT32 is no longer a problem. We 50D users can't format the cards as exFAT. The camera now can record H264 continuously up to the 30 minute limit.

Interestingly enough it also produced less heat. I shot some MLV raw video at 1984 x 830 and the temperatures were about 20-30 % lower than before I reformatted to ZFS. I shot some video at my porcine ornithology club but I haven't had time to go process it all yet but I can confirm it does load in Davinci Resolve.

Maybe someone more technical than me here or on the FreeBSD or PC-BSD teams will be able to make further progress. You can also use the ZFS filesystem on a Mac and Linux so this one might fly.

Shoot preparation / Partial Solar Eclipse - Glasgow 20th March
« on: March 04, 2015, 09:54:51 PM »
I was thinking of shooting a timelapse of the partial eclipse on the 20th March. Does anyone have an suggestions to make the most of the opportunity?

Post-processing Workflow / Lightworks 12 beta on a mac
« on: June 11, 2014, 08:20:32 AM »
I noticed lightworks have released a beta of version 12 for the mac. I'm on windows and ubuntu so can only get version 11.5.1

I have some H264 footage shot yesterday on a 50D, 5D2 and 60D. I want to edit in Lightworks. The 50D footage was shot with fps override set to 25fps which is what the other cameras were set at. Lightworks erroneously reports the 50D footage as 30fps since that's what the metadata says. I can't get the 50D footage to import into Lightworks without transcoding the mov files which is time consuming.

Is there any freeware which will change the metadata in post without transcoding everything? Maybe there's a global setting or if the first frame is changed to 25fps maybe the software will accept it?

On Windows I can transcode with Eyeframe Converter
or WinFF
or Shotcut

If transcoding is necessary, what would be the best setting to use in terms of speed without degrading the video too much?

I did a search through the forum but the nearest I could find was this:

Is everyone on the 50D shooting raw all the time or does anyone shoot H264?

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