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I'd like to request the ability to have a pause for x seconds after y many shots with the intervalometer. Here is why:

When taking sets of astrophotography photos after 4-5 long exposures your sensor starts heating up and introducing more noise into the shots. Almost every place on  the internet suggests that you take 4-5 shots and then wait 5-10 minutes for it to cool back down, then you take 4-5 more, rinse and repeat.

If we could get a function in the intervalometer to take a break for x many seconds after y many shots, I think it would be very helpful for all of us astrophotographers. Another note of interest is that every article I've ever read about this has suggested that you turn your camera completely off between the shots as it will help the sensor cool faster than if the camera remains on, since most of you folks know the ins and outs of these cameras more than I ever will, can you confirm that it would indeed cool down faster if turned off? If so can we work around that somehow?

Thank you for your consideration in this matter,