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Raw Video / Forgot to format as exFAT, don't worry.
« on: July 26, 2013, 05:25:01 PM »
Now while i do not claim to be an expert, there may be an 'official' way of correcting this. But it worked for me so i thought i'd share with you guys.

Today i tried for the first time taking RAW video, but i left my house in a hurry after installing, i forgot to change the CF card format as exFAT.

I took it in FAT32 and when i got back i had 2 files.

M26-1721.R00 and M26-1721.RAW

raw2dng.exe could not read the M26-1721.RAW file.

I decided to try using a file joiner like HJSplit to amend the 2 files together.
Get it at

First i checked the time the files were created, modified and their sizes

M26-1721.RAW  Created 5.21pm, Modified 5.22pm, 4.3gb
M26-1721.R00   Created 5.22pm, Modified 5.22pm, 700mb

So from that i knew that M26-1721.RAW came before M26-1721.R00.
I then renamed the files to M26-1721.RAW->M26-1721.RAW.001 and M26-1721.R00->M26-1721.RAW.002

Then i opened up HJSplit and selected the join files button and after 10 mins it was completed.

Imported it into raw2dng.exe and it worked flawlessly.

Well i hope you guys don't make the same mistake as i did!



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