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Hi there

Under normal circumstances a 5D mk2 will record full HD movie blanking out the top and bottom of the unused sensor area.
Would it be possible to shift the recording window to the top or bottom to counteract or enhance effects of a fisheye lens?

Thank you for considering my question.

Renato Langersek

General Help Q&A / Usability of ML for Astro-Photography with 5d mk2
« on: August 21, 2013, 09:02:41 AM »
Hi there
Please give me liberty to ask a few questions that are on the mind of many Astro-Photographers
We have two specialised areas to consider. Which of points below are already addressed by ML and could we please have a Astro-Photography forum header?

1) Bright object photography

    RAW video imaging with zoomed and cropped image recording at highest rate possible for small objects
    (Planets and bright  star systems)
    Use of electronic shutter in full resolution RAW for large objects (Sun & Moon)
    Multiple ISO HDR

2) Deep Sky objects

    Bulb intervalometer with mirror lock and additional electronic shutter to reduce jitter
    Extraction of CMOS temperature to choose the right dark frames to reduce noise
    Creation of dark frames without opening the shutter
    Focusing assist by finding the peak of a light curve of a selected box that can be moved around the imaging field
    Binning of pixels

I know some of the topics might have been asked before but ML has improved dramatically in the last year
Thank you for your comments

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