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hi guys,

the latest version for 1.2.3 is from 07 Aug. 2014. meanwhile the newest version fot 1.1.3 is from 20 Feb. 2105? Did i miss something or are they some new issues with the 1.2.3 firmware?


Hey Guys,

for a while i wanted to find out, in what proportion the Magic Lantern Crop is at the BMCC 2.5K sensor. So I sat down on our roof for an hour and i tested the lenses that I had. I have to put the most common focal lengths from 11mm to 200m for this cameras.



after a long testing time, I finally decided to shoot something longer with ML RAW on my MK3. this is my first project where I wanted to create mood through sound and image. I also wanted to test how reliable the RAW mode is. Answer: absolutely. Of the planned six hours we shot 13 ​​hours. Not a single problem. Only the last image was shot with H.264, but I can write a sperates script alone for this story.

I would be very happy if you leave some feedback about the film. To understand the end I created English subtitles. This you have to turn on in YouTube.
If you have questions about my workflow, just ask.

so have funs while looking and if possible watch with headphones or good speakers. It is also the first project where i make sounddesign.

5D MK3
Sachler Ace

Davinci Resolve Lite v9.1.4

thx to the ML developer Team for this great pice of software :D

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