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Hi everybody --

I wanted to give the ML community a heads up. My new feature is premiering at SXSW next weekend. I shot the film on a 5d3 with MLV RAW. I don't know if it's the first feature at SXSW that used MLV RAW buuuuuuut I think it's pretty neat that a prosumer stills camera from 10 years ago is holding its own at a major American film festival. I gotta say, many thanks to Magic Lantern for making it possible.

The film is a supernatural thriller/dark comedy called JETHICA --

Don't let anybody tell you the camera isn't good enough.


P.S. I shot my previous feature with the same set up too. It's streaming on Amazon --

General Help Q&A / MLVFS Default Naming Scheme // Feature Film
« on: September 01, 2019, 03:14:19 AM »
I just shot a feature on a 5d3 using MLV raw and it's a lot of footage.

This is not my first time doing a project in MLV but this is, by far, the largest.

The footage from each card is in its own folder and I plan to use Resolve to transcode the Raw into ProRes.

Here's my issue:
When I mount a folder with MLVFS, I'm able to change it's naming scheme from Default to DaVinci Resolve which makes the import into Resolve easier. But when I then mount more folders, it always opens the MLVFS browser relating to the FIRST folder and I'm not able to toggle the naming scheme for any of the other folders containing MLVs. And then in Resolve, I end up with a bunch of folders instead of clips for everything but that first folder of footage.

Does anyone have experience using MLVFS in a project with multiple folders containing MLVs? Is there a way to get ALL folders to mount using the Davinci Resolve naming scheme instead of the Default? I'm working on a Mac if that matters.

Or perhaps, am I sorely mistaken in going with the MLVFS workflow route? (It's been great on the smaller projects).

Thanks for any ideas or insights!

I was able to change the code in MLVFS to always use the DaVinci naming structure. 

Raw Video / Help finding Framing Options
« on: July 18, 2013, 05:56:09 AM »
I'm trying to access the 5x magnification options but don't see the 'Framing: Center' option ANYWHERE.

it is driving me nuts. and making me feel dumb.

i have the build from july 16th on a 5d3

somebody help locate it? instructions make me think it would be under RAW video near Digital dolly and Frame skipping but it's not.

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