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Shoot Preparation / EOS 50d H264 frame rates!
July 11, 2013, 12:58:08 PM
Hello there!
I´m totaly new with Canon as I´ve recently picked up a second hand ESO 50D wich is superb!!
Yesterday I installed Magic lanter 2.3 (on 1.0.9 firmware...) so made my first tests with it, specially in video recording H264.
I see lots of adjustments in this chapter (an in the others ofcourse! :)...) and tryed to record in 25p 1080p by using Frame Rate override but when analizing the final recorded files, they seem to stay at 30p!
Is there a way to change this parameter correctly (24p, 25p etc) when we use H264 recording?
Sorry if this question was made before!
Cheers an THANKS all Developers, Testes etc that made possible this AMMAZING tool!! :)  8)