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Post-processing Workflow / corrupted Raw files
August 19, 2015, 02:50:45 AM
i'm facing problems with a few raw pictures being corrupted. after trying a lot of tool, ufraw-mod gave me an error number, "Corrupt data near 0xc28aaf"

this raw image produces a correct preview and i was also able to generate a good jpeg from it in exif tool, but not full resolution (maybe if someone knows how to generate full res jpegs in exiftool my problem is solved)
is there any way to fiz those raw files, how to prevent it
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Guys, I REALLY need some help here

my camera was working just fine, then yesterday i installed the latest nightly 02/05 (it was in an old nightly already) and now my camera doen't take pictures (it does in automatic only)
the shutter opens and close but the controls get locked and the image is not shown, is like the camera freezes

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really desperate here
i formated the card with the option to remove ML, nothing
i cleaned all settings in the camera: nothing
shoot without a card didn't work
cleaned all setting in C
getting out of ideas here