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Ok so I just started using MLrawviewer to convert my images to cdng purely because they are still 16bit ( apparently ) and it makes proxies really quickly, (well just 444 prores files)

Awesome, Just what I want, so i dont have to waste time converting more files, i can get proxies and dng all done in one go!! awesome right?

well....bit of an issue, I grab my proxies, chuck them in premiere, do an edit, export xml // edl to resolve and nothing, I have been searching the web for 8 hours now and I cant finda  thing to help me. Does anybody know how to do this? I feel the multiple frame rates and resolution sizes may be a factor, though i have all the right settings in resolve to make this work... * sigh * once this is fixed, shooting raw will be a breeze. 

Any help would be much appreciated.

THis isnt up to standard with my normal editing and normal work as lost a bunch of footage to corruption and also focusing on the fact i am shooting raw and not h264 then camera failing all the time etc, didnt make it a hugely fun creative experience, but more left me straggling for anything i could get that looked decent. ANYWAY, this is the end result. ANYWAY, 800GB of footage, trans coded all to proxies.. that was fun....There surely is a better way to do this :P

PS, if anyone knows a program for pc that gets rid of the vertical noise.... i would be a happy man.

**100% raw,
**transcoded in raw2cdng 1.5.0Beta 6
        - is there anything else out there i should be using instead of this on pc?
**taken into resolve and make proxies
**edit proxies in premiere then export XML
**grade in resolve and then export back to premiere for effects, title, outro, grain etc.
**export for vimeo :)

Let me know what you all think. Next time i will shoot a lot more crop stuff, see how much better the quality gets :) plus i really want to get rid of those vertical noise bars.. surely there is something out there better to get 14/16bit files on pc other than raw2cdng...

Everything was shot on carl ziess glass. oh.. and a 35 1.4 Samyang...that thing is a monster for its price.. its crazy.

Post-processing Workflow / BETTER OPTION THAN RAW2CDNG?
« on: July 28, 2014, 02:47:16 AM »
Hey guys, I have been using RAW2CDNG recently for small personal projects, decided to use it on a club night event.

Shot 800gb total, come to transcoding it and RAW2CDNG just keeps having fatal errors etc. there is always a clip somewhere that screws it up, if i do like.. 10 files at a time its ok, but that means i have to constantly be there being a parent to the program.. is there something more reliable out there that will just skip clips that wont work and wont just die on me that I can run all night?

I AM USING WINDOWS i7 950, 580 phantom 3gb + 32gb ram 64bit...sadly still on usb2... reckon it would be faster on usb 3? ANYWAY THIS IS MY ISSUE...please.. any help would be much appreciated as this is slowing my down and making me question this workflow considerably.

(i may have accidentally posted this in raw to, i havent slept in days and kinda tripping balls as the determination to be the best kinda outways sleep )

Been trying to figure this out for a while, I use resolve, but am I missing out on quality because I use resolve? Should I be using ACR... I thought resolve was better but lots of people still using ACR. I am after the best quality and dont want to find out i am loosing quality because I am not doing the right thing.

This is my first proper raw video, was just playing around, proper video will come later.

Bit of a test, seeing how exporting in different codecs can effect youtubes 360 quality and 1080 total output. Though I am shooting at night time so... artifacts are always an issue.. so i am seeing if I can minimize it and make it look a lot better than it should... Not sure if it worked. Anyway IGNORE AUDIO, THIS IS JUST ROUGH CUTS + A TEST

If you want to see my other stuff, (all club stuff really... but touring with some of the biggest artist) you can see it at <---that is what my normal 360 looks like.

DO you think this 360 looks better than normal? I am not sure... considering the file was 679MB for 33 seconds.. I am not sure if it is worth it... ANYWAY..

Just thought I'd put it out there... Why am I getting such bad banding...

Is it just my camera orr whats the deal.. Evident black noise bands consistently down my camera.

I have looked for a solve for this and can't find one. I don't often post as I just lurk. But this is really annoying me as davinci 9 worked fine.. now 10 is giving me these issues, says "change timeline settings?" then no matter what I click after that it exits. Any solve for this?

Raw Video / Shot some raw at a club. WHY SO NOISY!
« on: July 03, 2013, 03:36:25 AM »
ok so I posted yesterday with no demo, but I graded a few shots last night but to be honest.. not sure what the point was because it ends up look pretty much the same because it is so noisy I have to kill the blacks to hide it.... I shot at 4000iso and that would normally be fine... maybe the trick is to not worry about iso noise and shoot higher then bring the highlights down later.. I just isn't helping me.

Plus..why are you guys converting your footage after you have your tiff files...the tiff files are very editable..

Raw Video / Really noisy raw footage and a few other questions.
« on: July 02, 2013, 03:39:20 AM »
Ok! so firstly, I went out last night and shot a bunch of raw footage at some clubs ect. which I do all the time, thought i would give it a go in a way no one else has yet.

So I got home, I batched them all with RAWanizer and I get them into lightroom and they are really noisy and grainy, way way way more than what I would be getting at 4000 in h264. Am I missing something? It is making my footage look terrible.

my second question is in regards to converting the tiff sequences... why? are you not loosing quality every time you do that and adding time? why not just edit and export with the tiff sequences?

Thanks for your time.
Regards, Zac Gordon.

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