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5D3 raw used for almost all Glidecam/tracking shots, all slow-mo, and one 3 minute scene (it was originally two full scenes, but one of those was cut for pacing).

Available now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Windows Store, VUDU, etc...thank you team Magic Lantern!
Hey everyone, here's the follow up trailer to my film Sleepwalkers, which I linked to a while back:

We used many, many cams on this production. A lot of Red Scarlet, Blackmagic 2.5K/Pocket, and 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern. There are actually more 5D3 shots in the trailer than any other cam.

During 2nd unit, I tested the BMPC, but it was unacceptable to use at the time. I love the 2.5K and Pocket, so I'm interested to give it another try now that the FPN has been addressed to some extent.

Scarlet was the clear winner, but the footage still cut seamlessly. Thanks to Blackmagic & the ML raw hack, it's very hard to stomach the additional money that goes into a Red package (I sold my Scarlet shortly before NAB).
General Chat / 19Lights / GingerHDR gone forever?
June 26, 2014, 10:13:18 PM
I reinstalled Windows/OSX on my dual boot system today & noticed that GingerHDR wouldn't connect to the server for authentication.  I went to their website to see if there was a post about an issue, and the whole thing was down.  I went to John (the creator)'s Twitter account to see if he made a post, and his Twitter has been deleted.  I tried to email him and received a bad email address notification from Gmail.

Anyone know what's up with that?  I'm in a bit of a bind as I'm cutting a feature with tons of ML-Raw files scattered throughout & it's causing major headaches.
Share Your Videos / Alaska shot w/ 5D3 Raw
April 21, 2014, 04:32:40 PM
As always, huge thanks to the ML team;

Interesting test that I put together.

I was swapping cameras & lenses back and forth, so conditions were extremely similar for both.  See my notes on pros/cons.

For more accurate results, hit the 'Download' tab and download 'Original .MOV file'
1920x818 @ 1000 ISO (24fps), 1728 x 458 @ 1600 ISO (60fps)

Cut .RAW files using GingerHDR in Premiere and graded in AE.

Thank you ML team!