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Hey guys,

Do you know if there are any hardware differences between these two models, or are the only differences in firmware.

If the latter is true, is that the reason why I can't find any 7DSV firmware online?


Hey guys,

I was wondering if the end goal of ML was to make all the features loadable / unloadable via modules? Would this be a way to reduce CPU/RAM overhead?

I'd love to be able to pick only the modules that I'm using at that time. i.e. focus peeking for shooting with my vintage lenses, or dual ISO, or intervalometer for timelapses etc.


Hey there, I've been using ML on my 7D for a while now.

I use manual focus lenses a lot. I find the focus peaking handy, but sometimes there just aren't enough highlighted dots on the screen to ascertain whether the image is well focused.

My question is: is it possible to vary the size of the dots or draw a polygon around the area with the highest concentration of dots.