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Hi Magic Lantern!

I have made a short book promotion film using a 5D MarkIII and Magic Lantern, with the crop function. Please enjoy:

To promote the novel 'Richard' (written by M.M. Visser and R. Hulshof), director Martijn Rijnberg, musician Roly Porter, and actor Leon Herbert (Alien 3) joined forces to create a teaser that shows what the mind is capable of and how you can be caught up in your story. Roly Porter created a unique (custom-made) musical composition that together with Leon Herberts voice guides the viewer through a short existential journey. The novel tells the autobiographical story of the co-author M.M. Visser, in which her past experiences keep her from having a life of love. A bit like taking the red pill in The Matrix, she discovers that everything she believes in and stands for, is nothing more than a story to keep her going.

- Winner Los Angeles Film Awards 2018 -
- Official Selection BAFTA Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2018 -
- Honorable Mention Winner Los Angeles Movie Awards 2018 -
- Official Selection Glendale International Film Festival 2018 -
- Official Selection Nevada City Film Festival 2018 -
- Semi Finalist Miami Short Film Festival 2018 -

Production: Zero Landscape
Directed and Written: Martijn Rijnberg
Music and Sound Design: Roly Porter
Cast: Leon Herbert
Sound Recording: Leon Jean-Marie
Script Editor: Marieke Visser
Special Thanks: Gary Nurse, Acclivity, Dobroide, Ondrosik, Steven Lucke, Magic Lantern, FilmConvert

Share Your Videos / Beneficial Bacteria - 5D Mark III
« on: June 04, 2018, 04:22:46 PM »
Hi there,

I have made an animation film with quite some Magic Lantern shots in it (first part is primarily animation). The drone shots were stock, but the rest of the real footage is shot with my 5D Mark III.

A motorised Kessler slider was used (also for the 360 shots), and Zeiss lenses, 55mm Otus, 85mm Milvus, and some others.



Hi there,

Please take a look at a music video I created for the musician Carla Bozulich. I used a 5D Mark III with the following lenses: Zeiss 35/1.4, Zeiss 50/2 and Zeiss 100/2.


Raw Video / Preparing for music video - Noise at high ISO
« on: June 03, 2014, 12:15:47 PM »

I will soon start shooting a music video, and have a technical question. Some help is much appreciated.

- When shooting RAW on my Mark III, I get a lot of noise when my ISO is above 1250 in a dimly lit room. Is this normal? Sometimes I see videos with very high ISOs without any noise. The music video will take place in a dimly lit room. Is there a setting to decrease this noise?



Hopefully you will enjoy this (rather dark) video, shot with 5D Mark III using ML.


There were some flickering problems (I guess wrong shutterspeed) colour problems but I am quite happy.

All the best,


Dear Magic Lantern,

I have created a trailer for a film festival competition (horror, sci-fi, etc) with my Mark III and am pleased with the raw footage, but have a question.

- When shooting the footage, all scenes with artificial lighting, were way of the actual colours. Considering that I am slightly colour blind, is there a way to get an auto balance in the raw shooting? After entering it in ACR, it was impossible for me to get the right tint and temperature (most dark outside lit shots looked yellowish). Especially after adding a LUT, all colours were even more unrealistic.
After a lot of testing, I got them somewhat right, but still feel that (also after getting rid of a lot of saturation) I lost a lot of image quality.
It would be great to get footage that is nearly perfectly natural regarding colours...

Thanks a lot,


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