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RAW 1280 x 1058 >CDNG>Resolve 9 lite>RGB RAW 8 Bit >Sony AVC MP4 16Mb/s Vegas 12 Pro build 563

(Vimeo didn't accept it as HD for some reason so here is You Tube version)


Test done today with 50D RAW shot at 1280 x 1058   Anamorphic x 2 with Carl Zeiss Anamorphot and Nkon 50 1.8 E "Pancake".
Converted to 16 BIT Cinema DNG , then imported  to Resolve Lite 9 with no grading at all exported to Uncompressed RGB 8 BIT full range.
From there straight to Vegas 12 PRO , very light sharpening and light contrast adjustment.

More to come....

Just excited that I figured it all out after following this forum for few weeks and ordering gear, most of the gear came on Friday,including anamorphics and fast cards.

Found this to be easy workflow with RAWANISER /CINEFORM PRORES 444/VEGAS PRO 12 BUILD 563