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Feature Requests / ML + LUT :possible?
February 20, 2018, 05:45:26 AM
I'm not a technician, what I'm passionate about ML( despite my difficulty in understanding most of the ML stuff, especially lately, is the hope of being able to obtain final images of good quality, that represent my personal taste.

I just read an article while I was trying to learn about the LUT technology (, which provided me with an interesting element to clarify the nature of a certain sense of frustration and dissatisfaction, which I'm feel against the level of skill I aspected to have achieved, after all this time spent studying and experimenting with my camera.

The part of the article to which I refer says:

"Having a great looking image during your shoot makes all the difference in the world.
It can help you feel more connected to the subject you are shooting."

This is exactly what I need at this point, to get out of the condition of expressive stalemate in which I find myself (perhaps I'm not the only one).

I have not yet well understood these LUAs, I also downloaded a free version of a SW (3DLUTCreatorDemo, because it support MLV app. for those interested) but at first sight it seem rather cryptic.

However, I wondered if there is a way to implement this technology in ML instead of using an external monitor, as is described in the above mentioned article. (Just only for a preview in LV before shooting would suffice)

Forgive me  if I took the speech a little far and if I said nonsense.
Many times I terribly need to read the ML user guide from the camera.

I know that Nightly builds do not come with user guide (I run a latest).

The good outdated guide would be a good reference anyway for me, especially for experimenting with functions I'm new to.

How can I do it ?
I came across this article ( I think it could be useful for some of the filmakers here to know, since the technique described in here, is not so far from the ML raw video workflow....

I am playing with silent pic feature (very intriguing feature indeed) I only have a problem:

I found that it fires either when half pressing the shoot button,  but also when pressing the zoom- button.... and also when pressing the camera DOF button. Is it a feature? :o

Is it possible to assign silent pic shooting to just one button  (possibly not the zoom- one, since zooming is very commonly used just for precise focus checking).

Thanks for help  :D
General Chat / Sensor checkup?
April 02, 2014, 11:06:25 PM
Do someone know about any method, to check whether the  performances of a sensor falls within the standard parameters?  ::)
Tragic Lantern / [600D] Is it Tragic lantern still alive?
December 06, 2013, 11:56:26 AM
Or it has been merged in the 600D nightly build?
I shortened "RAWVideo" in the title :)

When shooting  video in RAW, the output file is .RAW
When taking a photo in RAW mode, the output file is .cr2, that's the Canon version of standard .RAW

Here is the  question:
When converting a .RAW Video file, it is being converted to .dng
but .dng is the same format we have by converting a .MOV, that is the native Canon output format.

To me it seems it is like doing the same thing, either cases: what is the difference?
I would aspect to work with .cr2 files when post-processing .RAW video files, instead.

Is it that wrong, or something I've missed?

Forum and Website / RAW/PostProcessing
July 10, 2013, 11:31:18 AM
The Post-processing forum is filled with "RAW post-processing" threads,
but there is already a forum that's fully dedicated to RAW.

Probably merging all the RAW based discussions into a single  board and leaving the
Post processing forum to the no-RAW shooters, would improve a little the ML
users experience.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks to being here. :D
General Help Q&A / 600D-2.3 Latests, a bug ?
July 09, 2013, 05:18:33 PM

I am having an issue with the latest 4 builds 2.3 NEXT.

Note: I was following a post on the "Nightly builds-not RAW" section, when I started to note such thing.
So it went naturally for me to ask opinions about, in the same place, but I suspect  that nobody answer there because it is not the right place to ask.  :-[

In short:

I started  with installing the 6 july version, and I noted that trying to load Modules give an error (that I reported as mentioned above )

In the next days I installed every new update (today is the 4th) and getting the same error.

It sound a bit odd either that an error is not fixed, or that a non-error is not notified.

Is this the case to post that, in the bug section?

What would you do?

(I am new to ML, I am trying to stay within the forum rules)

Thanks for advice.

I am quite frustrating, the more I get addicted with ML, the slower seems I learn  >:(

I need some synthetic eplanation.

ML 2.3STABLE:   last upate 07 jul 2012, correct?

Nightly builds- but no RAW: almost daily updates, I guess based on the above mentioned ML version, but:
is it each new one version replacing the previous, or are there exceptions?

Tragic Lantern- or Nightly builds + RAW?
I noted many things are shared between TL and ML, just the weight of the autoexec.bin seem different.
What are the substantial differences?

Thanks for help.

I made a search before posting, but have found nothing about.....

Maybe it is because I am newbie but,  I would find very useful  a screen
that show all currently active ML options (with possibility to deactivate  those not wanted).

Is it such feature already available?

If not, is it because it is not possible or because most ML users don't need it?

Wait for some reply. :)
User Introduction / hello everybody
June 15, 2013, 11:47:21 AM
After reading about ML I used all my money for a 600D (used) to install it. Now the nice part:start play with both.Challenging but, after found this forum, I feel more easy.