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Raw Video Postprocessing / RAW Workflow for T4i/650D - opinions wanted
« on: August 05, 2016, 05:31:52 AM »
Hello! I would really like opinions on this worflow for shooting 1280x720 at 24fps with a Canon T4i/650D on a Windows system. I've read a bunch of really useful things in this forum, but most of it is from 2013 or 2014, and I see there are lots of new tools available now that weren't before, so:

1) Shoot 1280x720 24fps with .MLV (including sound)
2) Convert .MLV to .DNG with MLVProducer, selecting the option to remove both focus and sensor dots
3) Import DNG sequence on After Effects and grade the footage with Camera RAW
4) Export as 1920x1080 24 fps AVI with BlackMagic 10-bit codec
5) Edit in Premiere then export to 1080p H.264 or whatever depending the need

My doubts with this worflow are:
- Should I just work with the DNG sequences directly on Premiere and then grade and export everything there? does it require too much hardware power for this resolutions?
- Will the 10-bit BM codec limit my image quality noticeably?
- Should I leave the footage how it is on AE, export it, and then do all the grading in Premiere instead?


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