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Hi Gang,

I'd love some help to develop an automated script for my after effects workflow.

Currently, I shoot on Andy's latest 50D TL. It's all full frame 1584 x 892 MLV.

Then I create DNG from Danne, Dubzeebees and g3gg0's recursive script with the help of MLV Dump.

The issue is I have 500 GB of unpacked DNG which all needs to be processed in AE.

So I got to thinking about AE's scripting capabilities and have a script outline planned:

AE would have to import the first DNG in a directory folder which in turn opens ACR. A default ACR preset would be selected, with color balance, noise reduction and auto color selected. Import is checked once these settings are automated.

After importing, the script creates a new composition from the imported material. Then it calls for the transform function scaled 121% and the composition setting is set to 1920x1080 @ 23.976.

Lastly, the script adds the comp to a render queue selecting ProRes 4444 (default output module) and source directory for output.

Once done, the script is reset and digs into the next folder in order, selecting the proceeding first DNG.

If done some light scripting in AE but have generally knowledge about it. What are the potential pitfalls?

I've been digging through Christopher Green's scripts as a starting point. Mainly his Selected_Comps_Changer.jsx - have a look at

Any way to preview DNG files in finder without reconverting with Adobe's software?

Ideally, using apple's coverflow would be extremely helpful.

I've been happily using MLV DUMP on mavericks to create image sequences for AE Import. Works great but not having the ability to batch process 50+ files is a real drag.

Wish I knew C#, I'd work something out. Anyone have a status update on when can expect this massive time saving feature?

Thanks Devs!
Hey all,

I've tried MacBoot on a 10.7.5 and a 10.8.4 machine and still am getting the "firmware not found" error.
Then I downloaded EOScard on a PC running windows XP. Still no luck. Can't get the thing to boot inside my 50D.

Anyone have a solutions?

The card mounts on all the computers and BlackMagic Speed Test shows its fast.