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Reverse Engineering / DLO correction data in newer lenses
« on: April 14, 2017, 02:28:56 PM »
Hello everybody,

it looks like EOS M3, M5, 5D MkIV and maybe 80D and 1D-X MkII can
get lens correction data in three different ways:
1) Included in onboard firmware
2) Uploaded vis EOS Utility
3) Delivered onboard newer lenses

Can anybody shed a light on the format of these correction profiles?

In another discussion elsewhere a user reported the Sigma 150-600
Contemporary to be recognized by his 5D MkIV in full text.
Maybe this lens doesn't make use of a fake lens ID anymore,
rpvided that the camera supports lens profile loading from the
lens itself.

This opens new possibilities in correcting uncoupled "dumb" lenses
inside the camera by maybe building a module loader for extra profiles.

I am not a programmer, just a user with sometimes wild ideas.

Does that make any sense?

Regards, Michael

General Help Q&A / New unified version?
« on: May 28, 2014, 03:20:53 PM »
Browsing the changelogs of the latest nightlies for EOS M,
I realised that there were many entries related to 5D3
and other cameras, not only the M. So obviously there is
a lot of code that all platform versions have in common.

Is the *.fir file the only difference of all nightlies, or ist it more complex?

Would a unified version currently be possible?

If not, what is the problem, and how can any of us help to overcome it?

I have around 200 GB in cards, and I still find myself constantly
in need of a card because it either doesn't hold ML at all or the
wrong platform version for the camera in my hand.

I have 5D2, 5D3 and EOS M.

A unified ML variant covering the 5D Mk2/3 line would be great,
and a unified version for all cameras would be a dream.

At least this would kill a lot of organization overhead and
planning headache in the use of ML.

General Help Q&A / "Wrong" ML in camera - what happens?
« on: March 16, 2014, 12:48:39 PM »
Now with ML available in the nightlies for 5D mk3 running 1.2.3 I have been
musing over the following:

Since there is not yet a unified version covering both the 5D Mk2 and the
5D Mk3 I have to make sure to keep track of which card holds which version
of ML and in which camera to put it.

What happens if I screw up and put a card with ML for the 5D Mk2 into the
5D Mk3 or vice versa?

Sure, I could test. But maybe somebody has wise advice without the possible
risk of testing.

Thanks in advance.


Duplicate Questions / Help in porting to 1.2.3 for 5D Mk3
« on: January 22, 2014, 12:17:51 PM »
Hello everybody,

geggo wrote in:

"if someone digs out all the stubs (stubs.S, const.h, hardcoded stuff in modules) that are
necessary to work on v1.3.1 and makes a pull request, we will most likely switch to this revision.
until there is no help, you have to wait till alex or anyone else takes their time to do this."

I would be willing to put in a few hundred hours, but......  I am not a developer,
have long forgotten about the PASCAL and BASIC we had in school.

That said - IF it is work that can be learned in short term I'd still be willing to put in time.

Can anyone explain what exactly has to be done, and how I can maybe help in this,
even given my sparse understanding of code writing?

Thanks for any answers.


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