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Share Your Photos / First snow in Switzerland
« on: November 21, 2015, 12:35:56 PM »
First snow from my balcony at Lausanne, with the view on Alps from Thollon-les-Mémises, near Saint-Gingolph

Thollon-les-Mémises sous la neige by Christophe Francey, sur Flickr

Silent picture, 5x zoom --> 2000mm of zoom!

Normal view (look at the right, above chimneys):

Lightroom Dual ISO Plugin

This plugin allows you to convert Dual ISO picture from Lightroom directly to cr2hdr tools.

Lightroom v4 and more is needed.

How to use:

  • Default settings
    • Right click on one or multiple selected pictures
      • Select : Dual ISO Converter (cr2hdr) (this option uses default settings, see below)
  • Custom settings
    • Launch the Export Window
      • Right click on one or multiple selected pictures
        • Export selected photo(s)
      • Shortcuts
        • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + E / Mac: Command + Shift + E
    • Change what you want

Default settings:

> Plugin settings:
  • Add suffix -dualiso to the output file
  • Synchronize keywords with original picture
  • Reject original picture (flag unmarked)
  • Add converted file to all collections of the original
  • No subfolder
  • Show summary message
  • Keep log file
  • No keywords added by user (Dual-ISO is added by cr2hdr)
  • No label defined

> cr2hdr settings:
  • --amaze
  • --cs2x2
  • --no-bad-pix
  • --fullres
  • --alias-map
  • --stripe-fix
  • --wb=graymax (cr2hdr 20bit)
This plugin is translate in english, french, german, portuguese and swedish. (feel free to send me a translated file).

/!\ DEV /!\ Download the lastest version of Lightroom Dual ISO Converter (cr2hdr) plugin (dev version).

How the plugin works:
  • Pictures selected to export are listed
  • Only CR2 and DNG files are supported (if file is not present, skip)
  • Each picture, one by one is converted with cr2hdr (with defaults or custom args)
    • if cr2hdr 20bit and --same-levels are selected, all pictures are converted in the same time
  • Picture is moved to subfolder
  • Picture is renamed with suffix
  • Picture is imported into Lightroom catalog
  • Label is added
  • Keywords are added (and created if needed)
  • Synchronize keywords with original file
  • Keyword Dual ISO raw or no Dual ISO is added to original file
  • Parse log file to fill metadata with cr2hdr results
  • Add picture to all collections
  • Keep or remove log file
  • Set the flag of the original file

How to install this plugin:

To install this plugin, save the file cr2hdr.lrplugin where you want.

On Lightroom, open the Plug-In Manager (shortcut Win: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + , (comma), Mac: Command + Option + Shift + , (comma)) and install it.

You can follow instructions from Adobe.

Follow the projet on Magic Lantern Forum.

Contribute to the code on Bitbucket.

This plugin is distributed under the GNU GPL v2.


2014-09-30 v3.0 BETA 3
  • fix bug with cr2hdr command on windows
2014-09-22 v3.0 BETA 2
  • fix bug with subfolder
  • fix bug with same-levels
2014-09-13 v3.0 BETA
  • Rewrite processing (no unnecessary export)
  • Update cr2hdr 20bit to 0eabcb0
  • cr2hdr 20bit --same-levels argument supported
  • Added keywords Dual ISO raw or no Dual ISO to original file (speedup process and sorting in LR)
  • Synchronize keywords with original file
  • Convert tabs with 4 space
  • fix some bugs
  • (change editor text: Brackets before Smultron/TextMate)
  • (change Mercurial CLI to GUI: TortoiseHG for Mac)
2014-04-21 - 2014-09-12 v2.2 BETA
  • Added cr2hdr args
  • Added cr2hdr 20bit support
  • Added metadata with cr2hdr results (big thanks akry)
  • Added keywords
  • Added color label
  • Added flag rejection
  • Restore default plugin settings
2014-03-27 v2.1
  • Export to subfolder
  • redesign ui
2014-03-26 v2.0.2
  • Correct portuguese translation (thanks Luiz)
2014-03-26 v2.0.1
  • Remove extern functions
  • Works on Windows
2014-03-25 v2.0
  • New export window
  • DNG file supported
  • Custom user settings (suffix, label, add to collection, remove logfile)
  • Mac: check dependencies
2014-03-19 v1.0.3
  • Fix multiple instance of cr2hdr (thanks Rob Cole from Adobe forums)
2014-03-19 v1.0.2
  • Add portuguese translation (thanks Luiz Roberto dos Santos)
  • Change output name (solve fotogemeinschaft_de problem with export name)
2014-03-19 v1.0.1
  • Add german translation (thanks g3gg0 et Walter)
  • Update dcraw (9.20) and exiftool (9.54)
  • Windows command run without CMD visible (thanks chris_overseas)
2014-03-18 v1.0
  • First release (Mac fully compatible, Windows need some optimisation)

Hi everybody,

I'm learning Lua coding, especially Lightroom Lua.

I've made a command which works on mac, but doesn't work on windows.

Code: [Select]
--pluginPath = path of the plugin like ~/plugin.lrplugin/
-- filePath = path of the image like ~/image.cr2
-- filePath = path of output command like ~/image.txt

local binExe = 'start ' .. pluginPath .. '\\bin\\convert.exe'
if MAC_ENV then
-- exec path for Mac (& force language to english; seem to be unnecessary LANG=C LC_ALL=C LANGUAGE=en)
binExe = 'exec "' .. pluginPath .. '/bin/convert" '
command = binExe .. '"' .. filePath .. '" > "' .. output .. '"'

result = LrTasks.execute(command)

Does anyone have the solution for fix that ?

When you or me will solve this problem, be sure you'll happy :)

Hi everybody,

I'd like to put electronic level number to Bars facelift.
I've made some modifications to electronic_level.c but I don't want to make a mistake on my dslr.

This is the code, could you please check if it's right ? :)

Please be cool, it's my first modification on the source and I learn slowly ;)

Code: [Select]

#include "dryos.h"
#include "bmp.h"
#include "tasks.h"
#include "debug.h"
#include "menu.h"
#include "property.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "gui.h"
#include "lens.h"
#include "version.h"
#include "edmac.h"
#include "asm.h"
#include "lvinfo.h" // added lvinfo.h


struct rolling_pitching
    uint8_t status;
    uint8_t cameraposture;
    uint8_t roll_sensor1;
    uint8_t roll_sensor2;
    uint8_t pitch_sensor1;
    uint8_t pitch_sensor2;

static struct rolling_pitching level_data;

    memcpy(&level_data, buf, 6);

static void draw_electronic_level(int angle, int prev_angle, int force_redraw)
    if (!force_redraw && angle == prev_angle) return;

    int x0 = os.x0 + os.x_ex/2;
    int y0 = os.y0 + os.y_ex/2;
    int r = 200;
    draw_angled_line(x0, y0, r, prev_angle, 0);
    draw_angled_line(x0+1, y0+1, r, prev_angle, 0);
    draw_angled_line(x0, y0, r, angle, (angle % 900) ? COLOR_BLACK : COLOR_GREEN1);
    draw_angled_line(x0+1, y0+1, r, angle, (angle % 900) ? COLOR_WHITE : COLOR_GREEN2);

void disable_electronic_level()
    if (level_data.status == 2)

void show_electronic_level()
    static int prev_angle10 = 0;
    int force_redraw = 0;
    if (level_data.status != 2)
        force_redraw = 1;

    static int k = 0;
    if (k % 10 == 0) force_redraw = 1;

    int angle100 = level_data.roll_sensor1 * 256 + level_data.roll_sensor2;
    int angle10 = angle100/10;
    draw_electronic_level(angle10, prev_angle10, force_redraw);
    draw_electronic_level(angle10 + 1800, prev_angle10 + 1800, force_redraw);
    //~ draw_line(x0, y0, x0 + r * cos(angle), y0 + r * sin(angle), COLOR_BLUE);
    prev_angle10 = angle10;

    //disable printf on left top corner
    //if (angle10 > 1800) angle10 -= 3600;
    //bmp_printf(FONT_MED, 0, 35, "%s%3d", angle10 < 0 ? "-" : angle10 > 0 ? "+" : " ", ABS(angle10/10));

// Next, added some function for bare facelift

static LVINFO_UPDATE_FUNC(electronic_level_update)
    int angle10 = (level_data.roll_sensor1 * 256 + level_data.roll_sensor2) / 10;
    if (angle10 > 1800) angle10 -= 3600;
    snprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer), "%s%3d", angle10 < 0 ? "-" : angle10 > 0 ? "+" : " ", ABS(angle10/10));
    item->color_fg = angle10 == 0 ? COLOR_GREEN1 : COLOR_WHITE;

static struct lvinfo_item info_items[] = {
        .name = "Electronic level",
        .which_bar = LV_TOP_BAR_ONLY,
        .update = electronic_level_update,
        .preferred_position = -100,
        .priority = -1,

static void electronic_level_init()
    lvinfo_add_items(info_items, COUNT(info_items));

INIT_FUNC("electronic_level_info", electronic_level_init);


General Chat / 3 days with 5dIII ML compare to 50D TL
« on: January 27, 2014, 11:25:28 PM »
Hi everybody,

First thing, THANK YOU !
I bought a 5dIII 3 weeks ago and 3 days ago, I installed ML on it.

Hum... it was finger in the nose! 5 minutes to install it! Thanks dev!

After a long day of shoot, I compare my new 5dIII with my old but lovely 50d with TL installed.
I noticed these changes between both (I compare only the missing or strangely thing from 5d):

  • There're not advertising/warning/option to keep ML when you format card (SD or CF)
  • When the image is displayed in playback mode, the "image dot" (or graph/ettr? balaying from top to bottom take a "long time" 1-2s, when ettr it's enabled, there no drawing/dot balaying. (approximatively instantly on 50d, 1% solved it (it's seem to be here), I will trace the source to find the commit)
  • I just playing whit MLV Rec but I'm not a filmmaker, so I don't have a great knowledge.

Concretely, I was not lost between the 2 versions and the difference is minor. And I'm very happy! The Q button it's a real plus!

I wanted to give you my experience. I'm not very active on forum, but I follow every posts and commits :)

Many thanks to you Dev to perform your great work !

Share Your Videos / Zermatt Timelapse
« on: September 18, 2013, 11:34:12 PM »
Hello !
This is a timelapse from Zermatt in Switzerland with a Canon 50D with ML (tragic lantern 2).

Most of shots have been taken with AETTR. I played a lot with the different settings of AETTR (Highlight ignore, SNR limits) but it's not so easy to defined the best way! I had a lot of flickering, sometimes with the same settings and the same light, same scene with one shot interval.. strange! Maybe I made a mistake with SNR limits and highlight ignore. Unfortunately, I forgot to write the settings for each shooting, so I don't remember but I was inspired by RenatoPhoto testing

Maybe add some "presets" to define the scene to take (night to day, brightness, night, cloud, ..) to automatically define the rights settings.

Scripting Q&A / Script to get Max dslr ISO
« on: August 30, 2013, 03:29:53 PM »

I'm waiting the new module for scripting, I've a lots ideas to play with it :)

I would like to get the max iso capability of the body to make my script universal.

Do you have an idea how to get this ? or maybe it's not possible and I'll set to a default value manually.

Many thanks and Thank you a1ex for porting this module!

(If you set a bad value for the body, what's happen?)

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