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Raw Video Postprocessing / Powergrade for Resolve
« on: January 09, 2020, 10:53:34 AM »

You export the dngs from MLV APP. Then what?

By following a couple of juan melara tutorial on youtubes and using is film lut I changed my post production process again!

No more 3d export lut in the preferences. I've moved into the color transform nodes.

I made 3 powergrades at the moment, the general idea is to put your wb in the raw panel, bmd film, +2 exposure (not needed if you expose correctly MAYBE) then first node a color transform to bmd to alexa log c just because it's more cool, then your corrections node, then another color transform where you bring it into rec709, apply the tonemapping options there, and then if you want add SOME of the nodes (not the contrast curve one) of the kodak poower grade that melare recreated.

One of the 3 is only the color transform and some clean contrast, another the color transform and some lifted contrast, a third the color transform and the extra kodak nodes that make film saturation and stuff.

Try them out!

They are not answering me, which is very annoying since the 128 GB that stopped working doesn't even have two years...

I'm struggling to find some good LP-e6 that don't break the bank. I tried pantona and now a couple supposed original from ebay and they shut down on me way before reaching 0%.

Am I doing something wrong? what is your solution?

After some time spent testing and filming it's finally here!

Sorry for the strange photos, it's not easy to capture the multiple angles of this mess :P It's not a clean cage for sure, having to add external audio, a follow focus, a monitor and dealing with the already big profile of the Canon 5D makes it a heavy rig. Not that much weight wise but visually, especially since it is built for documentaries.

But still I like it very much!

- Adding the Tascam behind made the weight more balanced, the unit is exposed but there wasn't any space left on top.

- The camera is well protected on all sides, which is for me very important since I already had a camera drop, small mistake that luckly didn't have any consequences, and there's always a chance of bumping.

- The top handle already included on the neewer cage does his job well. The right one from smallrig is sadly more expensive but still very usefull for me, when at eyes level I keep the right hand on it and the left under the cage near the follow focus.

- The smallhd focus is a must for any rig I'd say, or another good monitor. You can't truly compose without it in a documentary setup.

I didn't measure the weight yet, but it should be around 4 kg.

Let me know if you like it :)

edit: link removed because it fucks up my stats too much :P

My situation is kind of like that, I like to shoot without a big fuss so shoulder support is definetelly excluded. Looking at the ergonomic of other cameras I think that a small cafe with top handle could work pretty well. It would also be interesting to know if in this setup you use a small detachable hdmi monitor to do easy low shots.

Send me your setups I'm very curious. How and where do you place the mic for exemple?

I've enjoyed shooting raw video with my 5D Mark II. Even if shes is still extremelly good since I'm using it for shooting important things I wanted to upgrade to the 5D III. I've received it today and trying to settle down all the differences and issues, especially since I was still using the old raw module.

Some of these things stress me a lot, I was so comfortable with the 5D2! I'm using the latest nightly ( 2017Mar12.5D3113 ) and a big number of Komputerbay CF 64 GB 1000X, filming in full MLV 16/9 with audio.

1) The biggest problem. I can't get the framing mask on. I could in the 5d2 with rawrec. Between AUTO/CANON/ML GRAYSCALE there's no difference. They all give me the full live view in color without any mask.

2) The bip sound doesn't work. I got from the menu that when the audio is recorded you don't get it (why? I can see it still be usefull) problem is that even when audio is switched off there's no bip. If I do the test the bip is there.

3) Mb/s monitoring numbers are all dancing around while recording. On the 5D2 I had a stable 75 speed. Here the numbers goes from 70 to 90 etc. The recording doesn't stop but I wanted to know if this is expected behaviour (maybe the 5D2 was only make the number round for stability sake) or if my Komputerbay are just instable.

4) On the 5D3 I can use exfat. The benefit of it would be mainly to have cleaner folder without spanning. I was also considering the inconvenience of having big files VS smaller ones. Problem is I discovered that when you format the card from the camera it is always formatted on FAT32, is this the case for you as well? If yes I'll stick with FAT, this could easilly screw up everything since I often format from the camera and if you shoot with the exfat option on on a fat card the video gets totally screwed. What's your setup?

5) I've selected the option to write a backup file to avoid file corruption with a full card. Problem is I still got file corruption! No way to read the file with both mlrawviewer and MLVFS. Does it work for you or do you still have to look for the end of the card as always? Is it fixable by adding a suffix as it was (I had to once) with the old rawrec?

6) I see that there're other things that can screw up the file, I hoped that the new file structure would have changed this, it's not a serious problem I just need to be sure about it. For exemple if I switch of the live view while recording everything goes bad. What others buttons should be avoided?

I'm so lost! Thanks for any help.

Post Scriptum: MLV lite is soooo good. It works so well on my 5D2 I'm actually considering not selling it. Congrats to the whole development team.

Raw Video / sync doubt RAW VS MLV
« on: December 01, 2016, 12:06:54 PM »
I have shooted something on a 5DII with the "old" raw module. I recorded the sound with an external mic and then sync manually using the bip. The problem is that the bip seems to shift from first frame to second third so using a clapboard is always necessary etc.

I was wondering. If you shoot with a 5DIII the internal audio will be perfectly in sync and I could only use a software like pluraleyes or little frames adjustements (1-3) will always be necessary?

Raw Video / Important RAW video not recognized, battery died.
« on: July 08, 2016, 08:26:02 PM »
So that's not new but nobody got an answer. I can't open one RAW file spanning a lot of .Rxx. I've understood that in the raw.rec module that I'm using (a nightly a few weeks old) the informations that give you the possibility to handle the file are written at the end of the recording process so if the battery dies they're not recorded. This happened a couple of times to me but this night it was on an important interview and I also got a backup.raw file, maybe because the card was almost full and I stopped using it?

Anyway, I really really hope that there's a way to recover it, right? :(
Promise that when MLV Lite will be stable I'll switch immediatelly.

P.S. I've tried searching for this header/footer but I can't manage to find anything.

Hardware and Accessories / lenses choice for film - the dilemma
« on: April 12, 2014, 12:30:30 AM »
So, I'm still struggling to understand which kind of mm I like for filming beside the already existent doubts about photo. I love the sigma 35mm for photo, I loved the 50mm 1.4 canon on crop but now I'm not 100% sure, same thing for the 100mm L but I think I like it more because the quality is just so great.
I had bought the 50mm and the 100mm with the 450D and now I need to decide myself also looking at filming needs. I feel that 35mm it's not wide enough with two or more subjects so I certainly need something wider, in also love primes and always fell unconfortable with zoom because of diaphragme, overall quality etc but now I think I need one, this could also serve the purpose to experiment again (I had a zoom on the 450D) with differents millimiters.

So, what are your experience? Which lens do you use/like on full frame? What do you suggest for me?

24-105 f4 art sigma?
24-70 2.8 sigma/canon/others?
85mm lovers, anyone?

Thanks in advance :)

I haven't found a topic about this. It would be wonderful to have a list of tips to make performance better for slow cards.
I've already understand that turn global draw off will help, but how much mb/s will it bring?
And what about fps override and the jpeg/raw settings? How should I set them?
What else do you do to improve stability? Do you start a little recording first to warm up the card?


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