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Spent Sunday morning with the wife checking out the new Tentacles exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. All shot hand-held on the Canon 6D with the 24-105. Decided to try some new techniques on the Magic Lantern front while I was at it with MLV and High ISO.
I tried some Dual ISO shots on the 6D but they didn't hold up, but the RAW shot in MLV even at ISOs of 4000 turned out great. Post workflow was MLV Mystic on OSX, Then Resolve then FCPX. No color correction aside from a simple 3D LUT or noise removal.
Just went live with my biggest RAW project yet and first paid gig to be shot nearly entirely RAW. The first day of shooting we had the 6D shooting normal n264 but after I looked at the footage we went RAW for the remaining 3 days of shooting. In the web version there are 3 h264 shots and the rest RAW while the version that will start airing soon is 100% RAW. We shot on the 5Dmk3 at 1920 and the 6D at 1728 and upconverted to 1920. All 5D footage was handled exclusively by RAWmagic and Resolve before editing in ProRes444 and the 6D footage was processed through LR and Son of a Batch. Only had a couple hiccups during shooting and it had to do with filling up cards (Interviews in RAW!). My next investment is the VAF aliasing filter for the 6D as the moire is starting to bug me compared to the 5D footage.

This just goes to show that RAW can be successfully used for paid gigs and has a phenomenal look for broadcast. Am now leaning toward shooting an upcoming FEATURE entirely in RAW on the 5DmkIII.  :o

On my phone so not sure everything will post correctly. Just check the description of the video for the technical info. My favorite Magic Lantern video I've done so far. 

Just got a new 6D a week ago to use as my main personal photo camera and use for wedding videos to go along side 60Ds and 5Dmk2s. I figured I'd do some Magic Lantern testing on it ASAP and found mixed results. Overall the record times and resolution are much improved over the 60D but I've found it much more unstable and it often crashes. Hopefully it will get smoothed out later. Other issues I had at the high ISOs of the firework footage where a ton of bad pixels and shimmering that never appeared before in RAW2DNG. Still turned out cool though and it's really short so check it out.

Share Your Videos / RAWesome in Big Sur Mark3 video
June 01, 2013, 07:05:05 AM
Here is our video from our RAW testing last weekend. Turned out great but post workflow was such a headache I don't know how much I'd shoot with it consistently. Still makes me want to get a Mark 3.

For memorial day and my birthday we headed down the coast to Big Sur for a weekend of camping. It also provided some great backdrops for some testing of the new Magic Lantern RAW release for the Canon 5dmkIII.
Shot with the May 22nd nightly build on a KomputerBay 128gb that didn't give us a high enough Write rate for 1080p so we shot mostly at 1920x880 with some 960 scattered in. We also tested some Macro shots with the punch in.
Lenses used: Zeiss 50 Makro ZE, Zeiss 25/2.0 ZE, Zeiss 85/1.4 ZE, Takumar 28/3.5
The grade was to try and achieve a filmic look in Lightroom using the VSCO film looks. I know it's not the best to see the quality out of the RAW but I wanted to process it the same way I do stills. Ran into a few color issues where CA and banding got nasty but overall it graded well. The grain looks very film-like to my eyes but the cast is a tad too magenta.
Shooting by Plaid Zebra (Joel) and Derek Dockendorf (Me)
Post production workflow headache by Left Coast Digital (Me)
Music by Postiljonen - On the Run
Download the full ProRes HQ file to see less compression and follow us & Plaid Zebra to show some love.