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Share Your Videos / 650D Crop Movie - The Moon passes
August 24, 2013, 05:31:00 AM
Just a little try-out to see what Crop Movie brings for tele purposes

Feature Requests / Crop Factor Display for Crop Movie
August 23, 2013, 09:56:25 PM
Would it be possible to expand the "Crop Factor Display" setting with an extra option for Movie Crop mode?

650D Example:
Crop Factor Display OFF: 100mm
Crop Factor Display ON - Full chip: 160mm
Crop Factor Display ON - Movie crop: 432mm <-- New option?

... or make it standard when Movie crop mode + Crop Factor Display ON are set.

I have a problem while using 650D + EF-S18-135 STM in Movie Crop mode.

Settings Canon:
Movie Servo AF: Enable

ML Settings:
Movie Crop Mode: ON

In the first few seconds there is often no problem, but then suddenly the picture freezes regularly about half a second, thus producing still images during video recording.

Now when I switch off one or both of the above two settings, there is nothing to worry about and the recording is ok.

Can other users of this lens confirm the problem?

EDIT August 23:
Error has been confirmed with these settings:

Canon menu:
AF method: Flexizone - Multi <-- this was not included before
Movie Servo AF: Enable

ML menu:
Movie crop mode: on
Can someone explain me what the advantage of an M-EOS camera?

Small is nice, but what is left of this advantage when the device with lens is as big as a DSLR?