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I recently installed ML in my 5D3 (yes I set the bootflag! :o) and am thinking about workflows. I have Production Premium CS6 and have found some really nice ideas in this forum for workflows with ACR, AE, and PP, using dynamic link (which I've tried and liked), and also various workflows with Resolve (which I haven't tried yet but likely will).

I couldn't find much about workflows with SpeedGrade CS6, however. Since I have it in Production Premium CS6 (and won't be upgrading to CC anytime soon), I'd be really happy to hear about anyone's experiences -- positive or negative -- trying to fit SpeedGrade CS6 into their ML raw workflow.

In the Download and Installation Instructions for firmware version 1.2.3 Canon states:

QuoteOnce the EOS 5D Mark III camera is updated to Version 1.2.0 (or later), it cannot be restored to a previous firmware Version (Version 1.0.7 through 1.1.3).

I realize that many have reported downgrading to 1.1.3 without problems, but I also assume that Canon isn't simply lying or making a mistake. Does anyone have any idea why Canon says this?