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General Chat / Shooting UHD video (16:9) on Canon Mark III. Is it possible?
« on: December 04, 2022, 06:15:46 PM »
Hi! I have been using ML since 2010, I have shot several films in mlv format...
But now UHD is increasingly in demand. Is it possible to shoot UHD on Canon Mark 3? NOT RAW

Hello guys! I test newest raw2cdng version wich can link dng and wav in Davinci automatically. In Library i see, that my cdng have sound and i can play it. But, when i import cdng with sound into Media Pool - sound is off! In Edit panel i see empty audio track and no sound play. On export the same - empty audio track. My temp solution that i find - cut audio wav file from subfolder with cdng and import it separately in Media Pool. Next do Auto-Sync Audio Basec on Timecode (select cdng and wav in Media Pool and right mouse click on it). And sound on! Very strange...

Camera Canon 5D3 113 FW with ML 25April2014. I use raw2cdng 1.6.5 to make cdng.

Raw Video Postprocessing / Real RAW workflow
« on: June 13, 2013, 07:47:16 AM »
Hello everybody! I read a lot of branches of this forum and test such workflow (sorry again for my english)

1. RAW -> CinemaDNG with  raw2cdng
2. RAW -> Proxy TIFF sequence or video with RAWanizer
3. Edit Proxy in Premiere
4. Premiere -> XML or EDL
5. Conform xml in Davinci Resolve and grade
6. Resolve -> final Export

I think that is the right approach that can be applied to a real project, but... I failed at step 5. Resolve wrong conform XML and EDL. Cuts right, but content wrong.
My fils name:

Proxy video - etc
CinemaDNG sequence
in Resolv in media pool it look like M0000000_[000000-000150].dng

Maybe problem in naming?... I not experimental else with tiff proxy (but this method more complicated becose importing tiff sequence in Premiere Pro very painfull=( and performance with tiff lower then with mov.

So, your comments about this method and troble ;)

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