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I'm completely changing my workflow now to incorporate DaVinci Resolve and RAWMagic, so this thread is no longer relevant for myself.

Feel free to delete or leave it up for others who may have the same question.

- -

I shot footage in 30 fps (RAW).

When running the RAW files through raw2dng, it spits out the DNGs and also a ProRes (HQ) .mov file, but in 24 fps (like it's just guessing the frame rate, which it may very well be).

1. Is there any way to adjust the behavior of raw2dng to spit out a .mov file with matching frame rate? It's not a huge deal, but it just threw me off when I realized time durations were off when comparing with my final .mov after color-correcting the DNGs.

2. Also, I can't see a way to simply turn off ProRes encoding feature. Can I do that if I just want the DNGs?

(raw2dng says it's "Version 1.0")

Raw Video / Why these gridlines/pattern of "noise"/pixels in my footage?
« on: December 18, 2013, 12:43:42 AM »

I'm shooting 1880 x 800 RAW on 5D Mark II.

This process shouldn't matter after the RAW2DNG stage, because I can already see this pattern of "noise" in the DNGs within Camera Raw/Photoshop.
So is it a fault of RAW2DNG or is this just normal for how the 5D Mark II shoots RAW video?

2) Open DNGs in Camera Raw
3) Export as TIFF
4) Open TIFF sequence in Quicktime Player 7
5) Export as video

EDIT: FINALLY, found a RAW file of similar size and pulled the HEX values out of it.. thank goodness I finally retrieved this footage!


I am getting the "ain't a lv_rec RAW file" error on one of my joined RAW files... all other RAW files are working. I don't know what went wrong :(

Is there any way to "unjoin" the smaller pieces or otherwise save this footage? :\ (I deleted the individual RAW parts (.RAW002, .RAW003, .RAW00x...)

Thanks so much.

Raw Video / Support for Small HD DP6 with 5D Mk II while shooting RAW
« on: June 12, 2013, 08:54:31 PM »
This is how ML is showing up on my DP6 at full res:

If I force the HDMI output to be low res via the setting in ML, it appears fine.

This is my version of ML:

Small HD DP6


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