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It's not quite an ML-related topic, but I don't know a community more tech-savvy to ask it. So I'll be glad if you can help.
I've got a CF to SD adapter which works nicely with 5DII. It's working the same way in card reader. But as I plug it into my 7D I bought it for it doesn't start/boot - no signs of life at all. After I remove it - everything is fine.
It works normally with Lexar CF though.
I also noticed one interesting thing. I have an old "bad" battery giving "Battery communication error. Use this battery?". It works though.
And if I plug the adapter and try to start the camera, than remove this battery and after some time plug it in again - I get a blinking battery on the top lcd  :o
Nothing else happens though.
Can you give me a clue, what is this and how to get it working?
General Help Q&A / What to buy for raw video?
September 23, 2014, 11:38:16 PM
I'm planing to buy used (or maybe new) camera for raw video. Can't decide where to go. Main options - 50D and 7D. Don't know what is better. One concern is that 50D have no mice or mice input. I now there's some way to add it by yourself, but didn't find any info. With 7D there's another problem. As I know it can't record higher than ~1740 pixel wide. Is this true?
Actually, I wanted to buy 6D. But it's ruined ergonomics and lack of CF slot makes me not sure does it worth it? Also I could not find info does it record 1920p raw?
Or will you mabe suggest to leave all that thoughts and buy BMPCC?)

I'm familiar with ML, I'm simply pretty new to raw video and really need advice of experienced user :)
Please tell me, is there a way to give top buttons of cameras like 60D, 70D (where this functionality was disabled), ability to trigger secondary functions as on higher-end ones, 5D for instance? It's really uncomfortable to use it as it is by default, so stupid limitation..
I'll be really greatful if you will suggest how to do it
General Help Q&A / One impudent question
May 31, 2013, 01:21:32 AM
ML team, thank you for all that huge work you do! Raw video is unbelievable! But we always want even more. So here's my impudent questions  ;)
As we can see comparing 5D3 (and not only 5D) raw and h.264 Canon's native compression produces very soft and undetailed image with very shallow latitude to work with. Let me ask, is this possible to change native compression algorithms to something better (Take raw data and pack it into ProRes, for example)? Or, maybe is this possible to convert raw video file to cinema dng, not a dng sequence?
Also, I have to tell you it's a bit uncomfortable to jump from standart camera's interface to ML's and back. For example, in order to record raw video we have to go through a few menus, not just press record button. Is this possible to lead to a common denominator all that controls, for example make standart record button a trigger to start raw video capture is we check this option?