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Raw Video / Lost video
« on: January 01, 2015, 10:09:19 AM »
Okay, I am sure it has been touched somewhere else...

I've been shooting one of the kind (of course) new year video, crossing the 00:00 mark. At the end camera went into Busy, and, later, Err.

Now I have the bunch of ML0, ML1,... and corrupted, small MLV. Is there any way I can restore what was written to the CF card? Card is intact, I took it out once I realized that there was this problem.

Obviously, I do understand that I was using not 100%-proven piece of software, etc. but... I know camera was writing video on the card.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!

Thanks & Happy New Year!

Hardware and Accessories / Express card 54 - CF reader
« on: April 01, 2014, 09:27:04 AM »

My laptop has SD card slot, but lacks a CF one, which is kind of bummer, since it means I have to insert / carry the USB version around. Did anyone see a high speed Express card 54 - CF reader that would get completely recessed into the expansion slot? So it wouldn't be a problem during laptop transportation.

Thanks & Regards,

Raw Video / RAW video vs. RAW photo noise
« on: May 27, 2013, 10:13:54 AM »
I have performed a number of tests, one of them is (video raw vs. photo raw) X (FF vs. 1:1 Crop ) X (ISO400 vs. ISO6400):

Aforementioned pics start with CINE (from video raw, ACR) and PHOTO (from photo raw, DPP).

All video pics sharpened the same way, all photo pics sharpened the same way. No denoising was performed. Basic WB, and de-fringing was done on all pics.

Just like FF video raw is binned, FF photo raw was downsized 3X.

I have used 24-70 2.8 I, with 70/4 for FF and 24/4 for 1:1 crop. Obviously, it's not actually a 3x zoom, so I didn't get completely identical images. Chart readings in lp/ph are correct for FF at 70mm, shot at framing 1080p. I had to crop pics due to wierd windowing in 1:1 modes.

Results: software handling is vastly different. DPP wins hands down. Software supersampling is superb, much better than binning.

The GOOD: at FF reading, binning actually averages a number of pixels => noise (and thus dynamic range) is improved, compared to 1:1 crop, even if it isn't completely on par with downsampled photo raw. I.e. with 11-12 stops of dynamic range in 1:1, FF should give us 12+, though not as sharp.


P.S. There are other pics of charts, 85L and video with the same lens.

Hello team,

1) It would be super to keep naming of video RAW (and companion WAV) files following camera's convention (insanely great if it would include customized name) and then bump the file counter, so it would completely mimic jpg/cr2/mov file operation of the original firmware.

2) How realistic it is to get a feature of having automatically correct color profile during DNG conversion? I have 5D3 and color from ACR/DNG is pretty far from what I get from normal CR2 (I prefer DPP). I understand, I may touch it up, but every little work taken care of once will continuously save us time later.

3) Any chances FF raw will get sharpness of a crop raw, perhaps, somewhere in the future?

Thanks a lot for your great job!

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