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I've been using my SL1 as a 2nd camera in a live event setting. Basically I boot ML, disable the display on the output and send signal via HDMI. Its a great and cheap live camera except for one issue. The highlights are way overblown. I've attached an image from the SL1 (its the ugly one) and then another from my xh-a1 camera. These are taken from a live stream which has been further compressed so the issue is magnified.

I would love suggestions for correcting the overblown highlights in a live-event setting like this. If there's already a thread please feel free to redirect me.

image from the SL1

bb code image

Image from the xh-a1

I have already tried using color correction in my video swither but had no luck. Perhaps that's because of my lack of skills... Either way here was an attempt at correct the problem on the switcher, but it seemed to not really help...
SL1 modified in-switcher

image hosting website free

xh-a1 untouched in switcher

thanks for taking the time to read this, and possibly help!

Archived porting threads / [UNMAINTAINED] Canon 100D / SL1
« on: May 20, 2013, 03:47:38 PM »
These two cameras have the same insides with digic 5 processor. Any chance we get ml on these? I'm willing to help with the sl1 which I own. I got it cause its small, and did everything the bigger t5i did.

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