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Since I don't want to hijack g3gg0's thread, I decided it was time to move this to a seperate topic.

Here is my mlv2dng converter. It is still work in progress, so there are features missing and it might be unstable.

What doesn't work / todo:
converting non 14 bit mlv to dng.
converting LZMA compressed files to dng.
converting dual iso mlv to dng.
more detailed error logging.
extracting audio.
exact frame time.

Usage is the same as with raw2dng for the moment:
mlv2dng.exe file.mlv [prefix]
=> will create prefix000000.dng, prefix000001.dng and so on.

Windows version:

Mac version:

Linux version:

Please report any errors here.


Raw Video Postprocessing / Are there any 16bit 4:4:4 video codecs?
« on: July 05, 2013, 05:40:43 PM »
As the topic says, is there any (preferably free) 16bit 4:4:4 codec that we can use for storing and working with our ML Raw footage? If so, do you know what compression algorithms they use and what programs they are compatible with?

I know of cDNG, but I would like to know of all options :)

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