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General Development / a small chat about demosaicing
« on: October 13, 2014, 12:44:22 AM »
hey. so, i'm about to implement something like demosaiced output and now trying to decide, what algorithm is good/better. what are the "best" algorithms today? its not only about canon-ml, but as well for the future implementation for apertus-mlv-data. lets do a smalltalk about it.

thanks and regards chmee

Raw Video Postprocessing / ML Samplefiles
« on: May 17, 2014, 01:34:38 AM »
i discovered, i cant deliver good code, if i dont have any examples from other bodies than mine. so i ask here for more samplefiles. these are the rules for good footage:

* resolution is not important, but should be higher than 1280px width.
* very important: high dynamics with overexposures and black/dark areas.
* something (blackwhite) with details/pattern
* colors, maybe you've got a colorchecker or you print out any testpattern. (examples 01, 02, 03)
* infos, you should deliver: body, original firmwareversion, ml-build, hack On/off, Blacklevelfix On/off, Cropmode Yes/No?
* mlv or raw file should be maximum ~80mb, i/we just need some frames (5-15)
* audio is good, but not necessary

* if you dont know, where to host your files, send it to me (, i'll put them into the same path as the others

regards chmee

the question is mainly in the subject. Are we able to read out the colortemperature or the XY-formed Data? I've seen there is some "reserved" room for some more data..

regards chmee

Forum and Website / notification issue
« on: June 14, 2013, 12:46:45 PM »
since i am registered i dont get any notifications, neither in profile nor as email.
buttons for notifications in actions are marked
so i used to get a notification as i start to participate any thread - not in this forum :)
not even the notification-button in the thread is there :) or i am blind.
(kind of difficult to follow all replies in the threads i write)

regards chmee

Raw Video Postprocessing / The CinemaDNG Discussion (raw2cdng)
« on: May 23, 2013, 10:46:55 AM »
Hey there.. I'm currently trying to realise a CinemaDNG-Converter. First i thought it would just be an existing xmp-packet inside the dng-frame, but it wasn't. After reading the CinemaDNG-Definition i saw, there are about 35 mandatory tags.

DNG Specification - June 2012 - CinemaDNG Specification - September 2011

The CinemaDNG-File is just a TIFF/PE File (as DNG is also) with these CDNG-Tags. I wrote an App for Win7, building a CDNG-Header with the raw-pictures from the Camera-raw-file. They are 14Bit, isnt it? I figured out, that Resolve and Speedgrade cant handle 14Bit Raw-Frames! Just 8, 10 or 16Bit, maybe 12Bit. So, now i'm sitting on converting these 14bit to 16Bit-Chunks. These CinemaDNG-Sequences are recognised by Resolve and Speedgrade, but they are chaotic because of wrong handling/converting.

If asking, why the simple DNG-Sequences are not usable, it might be that
(+) missing CDNG-Tags
(+) IFD0-Entry is the jpg-Preview in 128x96px 8Bit - thats the one you see in Resolve.
(+) Raw-Data are packed into a subIFD - as in the DNG-Definition described.
(+) they are 14bit.
(*1) Raw-Data - Subpixel-Chunks, MSB or LSB first? LittleEndian, so LSB first, right?
(*2) is it worth that? Maybe another Fileformat would be more usable? DPX? EXR? TIF?

regards chmee

regarding raw2cdng

i decided to stay on the same name and same tool with integrated mlv-convert (since 1.4.5). Resolve, Speedgrade and all ACR-using-Apps are coping well with the cdng's. With 1.5.0 (coming next) there s a new GUI, and on NAB(07.04.2014) Adobe releases a bigger update promising a better workflow with cdng. 1.5.0 is online. since 1.6.5 audiosync seems stable, colormatrices are refreshed. you find more info on my webblog.

please look in my blog-entry to find the newest version!

bitbucket-sourcecode c# (with 1.5.0beta2 i've left it into the free world)

actual release : raw2cdng 1.6.5 for windows

regards chmee

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