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Feature Requests / Custom Crops in H264 Recording?
November 07, 2013, 05:54:44 PM
Is it possible to have the same crop modes as RAW when recording H264?
Feature Requests / Iris/Aperture pulls
October 25, 2013, 04:53:40 PM
Manual Exakta lenses on the Canons have the neat feature of being able to perform aperture pulls by pressing the button on the extended arm which is on the lens. This can also be operated by a shutter release cable allowing the lens to open up or close down in an instant.

When pulling aperture on the Canons the Auto ISO tends to overshoot or undershoot.

Light a scene to F2.0 ISO 100, pull aperture to F5.6 ISO 800 -- the Auto ISO undershoots by going dark first and then levelling out to correct exposure.

Light a scene to F2.0 ISO 100, pull aperture from F5.6 ISO 800 to F2.0 ISO 100 -- the Auto ISO overshoots by going bright first and then levelling out to correct exposure.

I would like to see a feature in ML to remove this undershoot/overshoot behavior by essentially increasing the damping or time constant in the Auto ISO controller.

Please let me know if this useful feature can be implemented.

best, John

I am looking at an outboard motor driven follow focus device and wonder whether ML can be used to control it.

I am thinking maybe ML can communicate thru USB for sending and receiving control commands to this device.

Can someone expert in the ways of ML tell me if this can be implemented?