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motion detection on 5Dmk3 is broken for a long time, i know that it is a known issue, but i don't know the background why. I need it, i am also a senior programmer c/c++ but with a very limited knowledge on ML internals & platform.
So i have a simple question, is problem hw/os related and experienced ML developer is needed to solve it, or it is a generic programming issue (in the algorithm) ? In the second case I can participate....what is the background of the problem? Is anybody working on it?
thanks for answer
Scripting Q&A / scripts doesn't work
June 11, 2013, 12:43:07 PM

i noticed that scripts doesn't work on the latest nightly builds. i also searched the forum if there is some announcement about it, maybe it's temporary disabled because of memory usage, but i didn't find any notice.
i am using 5d mk3 and 5d mk2, with the same result.

any comment from the devs? thaks a lot


is it possible to access camera flash trigger connector from the ML code? for example,to trigger other devices by the radio trigger connected to the hot shoe connector?