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General Chat / Tip for search engine
« on: May 29, 2014, 09:03:59 PM »
I was looking for posts on hdr video and put that in the search string and got all posts on hdr, mostly hdr photography and all posts on video. I remembered that to narrow it down you put "" around your string, then the exact phrase only will come up. "hdr video". Saves lots of sorting thru unnecessary threads. For the few who don't already know this.

Sorry if this has been covered but I just have to share this as it may be as important to someone else as it is for me. I mostly loaded ML for the HDR video as I film real estate and those inside shots of the windows are just bright squares of light without HDR. With HDR they are much nicer. So I've been lamenting the slow process time using Vdub and Avisynth (1 minute for 1 second of filmed) and searched everywhere for faster alternatives. Yesterday I stumbled upon a script change on the ML forum:

Not a valid vimeo URL down

Bart@RedKiteMedia 2 years ago
AOMBK made some improvements on the avisynth split script:

it's replacement code for hdr_split.avs

I film entirely in 720, so the first part isn't necessary, none of it
only change the part of the hdr_split.avs for 720

replace all of the code with the following and it will run twice as fast:


A = FFVideoSource("..\RAW.MOV")
A = selecteven(A)
A = trim(A, 1, 0)
A = ConvertToRGB(A, matrix="PC.601", interlaced=false)
A = ImageWriter(A, "..\frames\A", type = "jpg")

B = FFVideoSource("..\RAW.MOV")
B = selectodd(B)
B = ConvertToRGB(B, matrix="PC.601", interlaced=false)
B = ImageWriter(B, "..\frames\B", type = "jpg")

return Interleave(A,B)

Edit: process time is less than ONE QUARTER of the time as i also realized that with my motorized panhead I could film at 2x the speed then slow it down to 1/2 in my editor :-)

User Introduction / Hi from NC. USA
« on: May 27, 2013, 05:04:40 PM »
I got interested in ML specifically from a video I saw by Luke Neumann using ML to film the inside of houses without
having the windows all blown out. This had been an issue I was struggling with. Do I buy lots of expensive lighting?
Do I film only during the magic time of day (sundown)? Do I film at night? Too much light coming in thru windows definitely
is not an attractive thing for filming. And the HDR video function definitely fixes that issue. I am specifically trying to become
a real estate videographer so I haven't really played with any of the photography improvements that ML offers. Maybe I'll try
and add photography in the future once I've mastered real estate filming. Many thanks to all the developers and other members
who have helped to bring this great software to us canon users!  Don

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