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In mlv rec module there is possibility to choose from more resolutions, could somebody please add those resolutions to the 10/12bit raw rec module?

3200x1320 (2.42:1)
3168x1320 (2.40:1)
3104x1320 (2,35:1)

There might be some good recording times in 10 bit so we could utilize all available pixels in vertical axis.

Right now we have 2880x1320 and 3540x1320. With 10 bits we could use something in between.

Recently i started to use fps override mode quite often to capture 36-38fps in 1080p 2,35:1 aspect. I get about 18-20 seconds which is quite usable for me (with MLV-lite even 30 seconds). Thing is that global draw must be turned OFF to avoid damaged frames - 35-36 is max with global draw ON (damaged frames happens but very rarely), 37-38 i am getting couple corrupted frames in every shot with GD ON (i am using sandisk extreme pro 128gb 160mb/s) It is hard to frame 2,35:1 with global draw OFF, i marked my screen with tape to help with framing. When GD is OFF we still have some basic info on the screen like number of frames recorded etc. So i thought maybe devs could add to those existing dials two rows of white dots on the screen (.........................) in place where 2.35:1 cropmarks would be with GD ON. What do you guys think? Is it possible to have this outside of global draw?
Yesterday i took my 5d3 to the airfield to test the new crop feature. Correct framing and fluid live view are just essential to shoot fast moving objects. What a great new tool!!!
Almost everything was shot with 70-200 f2.8 IS II with 3x 1:1 crop at 1080p 25fps. Lens set at f8. No single damaged frame, just perfect.  I have to get canon 2x extender now to have 1200mm lens :)

Share Your Videos / Dual ISO test with 5d3
March 30, 2016, 10:30:13 PM
Just a short test. I didnt use dualiso feature so often before but now i am more and more confident using it in some situations. I just used it wrong before with some extreme settings 100/3200, 100/6400 (despite the warning message :) so get too much of aliasing. In this test i used modest 100/800, there is aliasing and moire especially in power lines but it is not very distracting and i am very satisfied with quality and dynamic range. I exposted ETTR on the sky to avoid clipping, processed the files with cr2hdr and than did some grading in resolve 12. I lowered the highlights -100, shadows +100 and than raised the overall exposure + 3EV. I had to make some tweaking in nodes to avoid clipping in the bright sky after that.There was some noise in the shadows but i get rid of it with the neat video resolve plugin. I get a quite flat image so added some contrast and little bit of arri lut to the taste. And a film grain on top of that.
The sky was quite bright despite the clouds, with ETTR the car interior was very underexposed, without dual iso recovering of such amount of shadow information would be impossible.

By the way - in cr2hdr i couldnt drop more frames than 400ish, when i tried say 450 it gave me an error (name too long or something like that). So i had to process them by hand dropping 400 files, another next 400 files and so on. Is it possible to drop lets say 1500 frames on one time to have them processed overnight?

Share Your Videos / 5D3 raw at the ZOO
March 07, 2016, 10:43:26 AM
HI, just shot this, 5d3 ML raw 1080p 25fps, FF and 3x crop mode, all handheld with 70-200 f2.8 IS II (sometimes i used fence as a support). Very little CC in resolve, all clips set for BMC profile and added one simple BMC lut. I am soooo pleased with the color out of this camera, just love it. And i am shocked how easy it is to shoot now - this clip i edited entirely straight from two 128GB CF sandisk cards with two usb 3.0 card readers, used MLVFS so didnt have to copy anything to HDD. Just inserted full cards, "mounted" via old version of PC MLVFS and almost instantly opened in  resolve 12. Fast CC, exported as 10bit DNxHD444 1080p, cut in premiere and exported as 4k h264 - 4k just for youtube better 1080p quality.

I was thinking about adding some more resolutions to choose from settings menu to simulate different sensor sizes. It would be good to check and evaluate image aestethics of different camera sensors. Right now in one of the newest  builds 2015Dec20.5D3113 besides FF we have 1.2x crop (1600x900) 1,5x crop (1280x720) 2,0x crop (960x540). Maybe we could have lets say APS-H, APS-C, m4/3, 1", 1DC 4K crop, 1DX mark II 4K crop etc. For example I am courious how exactly the 4k image from 1dxII would look like on glidecam with my 16-35 lens (despite of resolution of course, just aestethics).  Angle of view, depth of fileld etc. Maybe someone is thinking about buying other camera but crop factor is bothering him. We could have resolutions simulating crop factors from the most common cameras on the market to see how the image would look like.
What do you think guys? Could you devs help with that?
Hi, my two new videos from last year vacations. 5d3, raw, 16-35 f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8, glidecam HD4000.

Share Your Videos / BMW i8 shot on 5d3 raw
October 05, 2015, 10:41:30 PM

i have just posted my new clip

5d3 1080p raw, 25fps, graded in resolve
Hi, i have just posted my new video:

Shot with Canon 5D Mark III entirely in  raw. 1920x1080 25fps
I used two sandisks extreme pro 160mb/s 128gb.
I used canon 16-35 f2.8 L II and canon 70-200 f2.8 L II IS lenses.
Smooth shots made with Glidecam HD4000.
Graded with davinci resolve, edited with Premiere Pro CC.
I didnt have any problem at all :)


Hi Guys

i am starting a new project in a couple of days and i need mlrawviewer on set for checking the footage. What are the minimum hardware requirements to play MLV files smoothly directly from CF card? USB 3.0 is a must but what about cpu and gpu? Thanks
Share Your Videos / Helicopters shot with 5d3
January 03, 2015, 10:49:17 AM
Hi, some time ago i have made this movie, everything shot with 5d3 in h264, mostly canon 100mm f2.8L IS and some canon 16-35 f2.8II. Unfortunatelly I couldnt use raw recording this time because i was afraid that i will miss some shots during memory card switching and that was a lot of footage. I needed to shot almost all the time so h264 came in handy. Enjoy.

Here is video which i shot in Dolomites, Italy, in Marmolada mountain area during 8 days vacations.
Filmed on a Canon 5D Mark III entirely in raw format (mlv) 1920x1080.


This is the second video
Is there a possibility to make an option which will allow 5x crop to record from sensor center? Now it records left-center which makes the footage looks blurry and distorted (when moving camera) on the left side when shooting with UWA lenses like tokina 11-16. I assume, that such recording with one huge margin on the right is more efficient and gives better writing performance but when shooting say 2,5K (which gives about 2,3 crop factor) we often have to use UWA lenses. One can use tokina 11-16 @11mm with no vignette when shooting 5x but distorsion on the left side only cause that it looks weird. Option to turn OFF/ON shooting with the exact center would be great even if this will cause some performance loss (i believe there was such an option in the early stage - called "force left" or so. I dont know if it worked also with 5x crop recording - if it did - please, bring it back). Thanks

EDIT: 5d3, tokina 11-16 set @ 11 mm with variable ND with 2,5K recording with current settings makes very strong vignete only on the left side. Recording from the exact center probably would give clean 2,5K crop picture with quite wide field of view (about 24mm ).
I was wondering, how the lower resolution raw footage compares to bmcc prores HQ (or other formats) in terms of sharpness and details.
We know that lower resolutions like 1400 or 1500 something are far better in overall quality than h264 stock compression.
As we know, upscaling with Instant HD can give really good results and we still have 14bits.

Prores HQ 1920x1080p 25p bitrate is 184 mbit/s
best prores 444 - 275mbit/s is about 35MB/s.

For 25p 1472x616 2,39:1 raw is about 38MB/s, 1600x670 is 45MB, 1472x828 16:9 is 50MB/s.

It would be good to know, because if we would like to conserve data space maybe it would be the option.

Does anybody have any BMCC prores HQ or prores 444 samples or just can make such a comparison?
it would be extremely useful to have such a features:

-shoot delay (was in a 6D) - 2, 5, 10 sec - very usable when shooting with glidecam, camera crane etc.

Setting up (balancing)  a glidecam requires couple of seconds and you cannot touch the camera, that would be the way not to waste the card space (you have to trim every unbalanced beginning of a glidecam shot in a post and this is couple houndred MB each)

- shoot time (auto-stop) - 15, 20, 30 sec etc. - 6D couldn't record continously in higher res but I could set up motorized slider to make a full lenght slide in say 15-17 sec (exactly match it with the available recording time) and i didn't have to run to stop the recording just to save the card space.

Those features would be very usable when shooting yourself - say you are placing the camera in a distance, set shoot delay 20sec - you are going 50 meters away from the camera, it starts shooting, you know that you have say 30sec of recording, than it stops automatically so you don't have to run back to press the button.

I have bought a VAF-6D.

These are my very first tests.

Shot with Tokina 11-16mm.

Generally I am very satisfied with the purchase, there is a huge improvement in 1080 picture quality (hard to see with YT compression), h264 and raw and I could go further with sharpening without visible picture artifacts.

I am gonna make some more tests soon, if you have any questions or "test requests" - go ahead.
Hi guys

We have to find the best solution for 6D raw recording, theoretically we are limited to 50MB/s.
In fact there is very hard to find a card which exceeds 40.
There are many information about write speeds in other topics but here I would like to gather all of them.
I couldn't run HDR script from posts below , It's probably only for mac but I didn't recieve any answer, I tried and didn't work on my PC.
So maybe someone has something like  this for windows?
I am using HDR a lot but I don't have any clue how to make such script. Thanks
To make my live easier I asked my brother to write a script for me.

When you put it to a folder with any number of *.raw files it will extract every one of them to a separate folder named the same as raw and with added date and time of raw file creation (to differentiate them because after every cam shutdown ML starts counting from the beginning).
There is a need to have Scrax's raw2dng app in a folder with *.raw files and of course this extractor script.

Short instruction:

1. Create a folder for  *.raw files.
2. Copy all *.raw files from you camera to this folder
3. Put dngextractor script to this folder


4. Put raw2dng app to this folder
5. click dngextractor1.0.bat

To save HDD space script deletes original *.raw files after extracting leaving only DNGs in separate folders.

Enjoy and please report any problems.

i was thinking how could I use those 50-53 DNG frames, I would like to ask, i it would be possible to make some delay of dng burst start. It would be good to use with glidecam, where you cannot touch the camera when you shoot. So for example: i am setting up glidecam, leveling it, then i press shutter halfway and it starts countown say 5 seconds, than it is taking full burst.

Did you try to make 720p bursts with 15-17fps and than use twixtor to blend missing pics? It would give about 3,5 second of footage out of 53 frames (which iam getting from my 6d). Do you think that twixtor is capable of making frames with the same "raw" parameters like raw DNG?
General Help Q&A / DNG RAW tutorial
May 02, 2013, 10:17:19 AM

Could we make some kind of tutorial for using RAW DNG bursts/sequences? It seems people have many problems with proper setup, i know, that this feature is still "work in progress" but maybe we can sum things up right here.

If someone  has this working please write down step-by-step instructions (camera EOS...D, ML (nightly) version ......, go to .... option, set .....something, press shutter halfway or so, wait for saving...., enjoy :D  - something like this).

i am trying to use fps override od 6d- i would like to set framerate to 34fps in 1080p to have better quality HDR (i dont care about sound) - it should give 17 light and dark frames instead of 15 (so less interpolating with twixtor). Is it possible? After shooting with 34fps when i am checking footage with mediainfo it shows 29,97.   What is maximum usable overriden framerate for 6d?