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Feature Requests / LOG-files with RAW
July 01, 2013, 07:44:42 AM
I pretty much like the LOG files coming together with H.264 recording and became instantly used to no longer note information about focal length and aperture separately.

By the way: I need this information for adding animations to the footage accurately.

But since I switched to RAW, no LOG files are saved anymore. But for what reason?
I can't imagine, them taking noticable recources at all? (At least when only the initial settings would be saved)

So, I'd be pleased to have the LOG files back.
To me it even looks like they simply need to be actived, since they are already implemented.
Raw Video / Variable crop mode
June 24, 2013, 03:48:31 PM
Is it possible to access other crop modes than 5x and 10x on 5D2?

Then, we could choose a crop factor that exactly fits (or comes very close) to 1080p or 2K, or whatever.
Thus, no (or little) sensor space would be wasted.
Raw Video / Strange framing with HDMI-monitor
June 17, 2013, 07:07:30 PM
I found the option to turn on 'Force HDMI-VGA', which in the actual nightly has a new place I didn't search for properly until now.
With this enabled, framing is correct again, but the resolution is limited to 720x480 (really bad, if you want to let your monitor do peaking!).

So, what's to be done? I really would like to have correct frames extern.
Could it be possible to activate focus peaking while recording RAW?
Or is it just drawing too much recources to be at least computed?

The idea is, that anything else (exposure, ISO, etc.) can be set before recording. But pulling the focus without any help from some peaking is the hell of a job.
To save recources, it could for example only activate itself for a shot period, when the focus is actually pulled.
Hello guys,

what I would love to see (and did not find as already asked for) is a faster response of the focus-distance-values.

Here's the background:
I recently build me a DIY-follow focus to be used in combination with a steady-cam and a 5D2.

In some steady-cam-situations it is very hard for me to focus correctly based on the focus peaking dots giving by ML (that's to a certain degree also due to the fact that I'm using a Video-Aliasing-Filter which reduces sharpness on the screen).
But on the other hand pulling the focus based on the focus-distance-report is working pretty good. I just need to try out and remember the correct values for a take and then approach it with the follow focus.

Doing so is not that easy, since the focus-value on the screen is updated quite slow (every 1 or 2 seconds I guess).
So here's my question: Can that update-interval be scaled down to 1/2 seconds at the most or even below?

I know the value is directly taken from the Canon-firmware. So it depends presumably on whose update interval only. And is it that slow as well?

Thanks for any reply!