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General Chat / C audio spectrum analyser
« on: May 14, 2013, 01:23:08 AM »
Hello guys I tought there is alot of skilled C coders and I would use a bit of help with one project.
I have evaluation board/kit Davinci TMS320DM6437EVM from Ti. I have to program in C audio spectrum analyser an debug it for this board in CCstudio. I have to use audio line in for audio input, make DCT - Discrete cosine transform for spectrum analyse and display result with LDC display conected to analog video output (composite). It has to be running continuously.
There would be a reward for the skilled coder but I have deadline next friday we are kind of sure that someone did it for this board already but we couldnt find it so even if you canĀ“t code it but can point us some direction where we could find it it would be great thank you for any help guys ;)

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