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That says: to record the maximum possible resolution at the moment, but from the center of the sensor (just like the 600D do), and by that avoid all moire and aliasing problems?

If the answer is YES - Is it also possible to shoot full-HD crop video from the center of the sensor with the normal Canon compression? (Immitate my beloved 600D mode...)

Thanks in advance

600D is the only camera to feature the wonderful 1080p recording with central crop from the middle of the sensor for 1:1 grab quality from the sensor.
My question is - Will it be possible to include a 720p capture in crop mode?
It won't be illegal to add that, as the camera anyway supports 1080p, and this is in fact a sort of "downgrade".

It would be very useful as the 720p is much more easy to MF as the LCD resolution is more or less the same, plus, the recording is done at 60FPS, which at some situations yield a much higher quality footage than the 1080p 30FPS mode.

I mostly use 720p because of it's 60FPS. The footage looks much more natural and live. Would be wonderful to have it also in the crop mode. (the digital zoom in that case would be around 4x)

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