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Hi, there is any post-processing technique you can share with me to fix colored aliasing?

Thx a lot and stay safe


Raw Video / Can’t reach continous recording on my 7d needs help pls
« on: November 03, 2019, 03:59:59 AM »
Hi I have a fast enough sandisk cf (the faster model) and the latest nightly built installed on my canon 7d and I’m trying to record at non crop sensor (max resolution), but after one minute the recording stops automatically. So I turned off global draws and the recording time increased to one minute and 20 seconds.
I wish to record longer footage in raw I need it for a documentary I’m trying to shoot with no budget. Can you give me an advice about which option can I try to tweak other than “global draw” turned off please? Is it theoretically possible to obtains what I’m trying to reach? (did you reached continuous recording at default full sensor non crop resolution?)

General Chat / I forgot the name of a movie. Can you help me please?
« on: March 23, 2017, 07:50:15 PM »
Someone somewhere said that there was an indy film shot entirely with 3 yognuo led lights. I wish to see that movie but I don't remember anything (the title, the name of the director).

Another clue is that the movie was shot with magic lantern raw video 5D Mark 3. I remember I saw the trailer and the photography was really beautiful.

All I remember is a scene inside an appartament, without fast actions. I can remember the use of the strong red light, and maybe blue light. Very intense and vibrant colors from the lights (I suppose they used some colored gel). I can remember someone in a badroom maybe.


General Chat / when to use lavalier as an essential part of a project?
« on: January 24, 2017, 10:59:34 PM »
I'm really undecided. I work as sound designer for indipendent cinema and documentary projects. I'm some kind of student to be clear. I did already a movie, and various short movies, now I'm shooting a documentary (usually at budget 0). I use basically a shotgun mic with a boom pole when I take audio and I never had a budget to buy more expansive gear. But now I could probably buy a pair of wireless lavalier mics that I saw on amazon and some tech forum.

I wish to simply ask you if you used those kind of wireless mic equipment in your works or if you have seen someone using it, if you can tell me about those lavaliers if they played an important role in some project where you worked in. To get inspired.

thanks a lot!

Raw Video / 7D raw quality for color grading and investments on this camera
« on: November 01, 2016, 12:49:36 AM »
I bought a vaf filter for canon 7D to fix aliasing probelms on this camera for raw shooting, and now I'm waiting mosaic will ship it to me. the problem is that now I'm full of fear that I did a wrong buy because I did some tests with canon 7D raw and it seems that if start to do color correction there is a lot of noise rising up the blacks and exposure.
basically my fear is that dooing color correction and changing values as blacks, gamma, exposure, will be useless. so I wish to understand considering my camera seems to suffer a lot of noise if shooting in raw will anyway be a good idea.
being honest my economic problems are so huge that I could never watch to better dslr or black magic. so I bought a used 7D and now after a lot of time I added the vaf filter. I had a fast 128gb compact flash for my birthday and after some day I bought the anti aliasing filter. before my birthday I only had one 16gb compact flash I say this only to explain that I basically invested all I had in this project.
I wish to study raw video because I hope one day I will be able to work doing this. My fear is that I did it all wrong.
I hope you can reassure a little bit please.

Raw Video / is it possible to set a custom resolution in crop mode?
« on: August 25, 2016, 02:56:42 AM »
hello friends, I wish to shoot a short movie in crop mode with my 7D but there is a problem. I wish to shoot with ml preview and global draw off. while the image displayed on the screen is 5x the record is not taken at 5x: I can record at 1600x900 wich is at 5.24x or at 1920x1080 that is at 4.37x.

I wish to select a resolution that is exactly the same (or closest as possible) of the wide that the Canon display show when is at 5x: is it possible to select a custom resolution that may match it?

thx a lot

Raw Video / best settings for ETTR on canon 7D for raw video?
« on: February 09, 2016, 01:58:37 AM »
I wish so much to try avoid vertical banding using this technique. The problem is that I really didn't understand how it works.

I'm good to load the module I wish to know so much how to setup correctly please.

I have found this post from another topic,


The 7D is one of the cameras, that really benefits from ETTR.

You can try shooting at ISO 800 for reduced banding noise, but you'll probably need an ND filter for most movie recording.

@Audionut if you walk around here it would be really great if you can explain a little bit of this technique please.

thx a lot!

General Help Q&A / new features after linux porting on canon dslr?
« on: February 09, 2016, 12:12:48 AM »
is it possible that after the porting of linux on the DSLR canon you could implement new features such as recording 12 bit (pro res or other codecs), 1080p 60fps and awesome stuff like that?


If I'm not wrong when we shoot h.264 it's basically raw video convert to h264 in real time, and compressed to h264. similar to what happens when we shoot a photo in jpeg, it's raw converted to jpeg. when the conversion is done there is no turning back.
One of the benefits of shooting raw is that we can control blacks, shadows, highlights and whites in post-production.
is it possible to set those parameters before taking the video in h.264?
I mean for example before pressing the "rec button" watching the picture in live view, then changing those parameters, then in the end shooting pressing the rec button. Some kind of "pre-processing instead that "post-processing".
thx a lot!

which affordable lenses to choose for shooting raw video in crop mode with 7D?
I'm searching for a 35 or 80mm full frame equivalent lens.
I'm also open to DIY solutions. Thanks a lot!


I wish to understand better, if I buy 8mm full frame lens and I shoot raw video in crop mode on the 7D do I obtain 8mm x 3 x 1.6 = 38mm equivalent on a FF sensor?
I was searching for any aps-c "samyang 8mm raw video crop mode" and I couldn't find anything, can you help me to find one example please?  I wish to understand if the image will result distort.


Hello I have found GOBE compact flash over amazon. is it a new brand? I didn't know it.

in the product description they say "This CF Card is designed for High Performance DSLRs, Full HD 3D 4K video & hacked DLRs"

I need the 64GB version, there are 2 options: which is it better the UDMA6 or the UDMA7? the UDMA7 is a little bit cheaper than the UDM6 (this confused me).

I need continuous shooting at 1920x1080 raw video on 7D. do you know if this CF will work? did someone has made a test?


Post-processing Workflow / edit
« on: April 26, 2015, 02:32:02 PM »

I'm tryng to find out a solution to bring the safety track rec for the Zoom H6.
Safety track allow to rec a second file at minus tot. db to prevent audio clipping. This can save the work if actors screams.
If actors scream using a limiter is not good because it compress the sound creating unnatural effect, something similar to a kazoo or a megaphone effect. so a professional recording tool should give you the possibility to have the safety track rec option to take two files with different decibel level recording. This will save the dynamic range of the voice if actors scream. And sometimes they will scream if you work in film industry.
So I decided to make a test with a Y cable and the Zoom H6 to find a diy solution but I failed the experiment. Current firmware is v2.0.
You can find my test here: This test show that is impossible to have a working safety track rec for phantom powered mics on the Zoom H6.
Firmware v2.0 does not allow safety track rec for phantom powered mics.
I wrote to Zoom company to ask this feature in the next firmware update, it's the only solution.
The external unit Zoom EXH-6 will not solve this problem because it does not provide any phantom power.

Please guys if possible write to Zoom to ask them to implement the safety track in the zoom H6 channel 1-4 for phantom powered mics.

Raw Video / how to correctly setup zebra menu if I shoot video in RAW?
« on: April 02, 2015, 11:57:42 PM »
ML default setting should be "LumaFast, over 99%".
If i press Q I have access to the settings.

Color Space: Luma Fast; RGB; Luma.
Underexposure: Disabled; from 1% (3) to 20% (51).
Overexposure: 70% (179) to 100% (255); Disabled
When recording: hide/show
Use RAW Zebras: Photo only; always; Off
Raw zebra underexposure: off; 0ev to 4ev.

which are the suggested settings for shooting raw video?


I discovered there are almost two different tech of shock mounts.

the first one is this kind:

the second one is this:

which one will work the best for a hand held boompole in the field?
will the second one (second image) provide a good anti vibration isolation as the rubber band (first image)?

for field recording I mean hand held non static boom pole. the mount must be really solid. if it is not the mic will lose its position and it could eventually "try" to fall (it's connected with the cable so it should not).
for example try to read the one star review here.


"When I pay top dollar for a Rode product I expect it to work in a professional environment and this product has been a disappointment. Yes, it does isolate the handling noise of a boom pole quite well but the rubber bands do not support the weight of my Rode NTG-3 mic. The mic sags in the bands and tends to fall out of the mount in use. Good thing the mic cable was still holding the mic or my mic would have crashed to the ground several times. Plus, you look like a fool when you flub the take because your mic slid out of the mount. I even wrapped a rubber band around the mic base to "catch" on the mount's rubber and the mic still slid out of the mount. This mount sort of works on a static boom but is pretty much worthless on a hand held boom pole."

Source*z* (Rode SM4, shock mount review).

Hello guys, can you help me to understand better this feature about the Tescam DR60dMKII please?

There should be an option to have a backup file recorded at minus decibel to prevent clipping. On Tescam wesite they wrote: DUAL MONO and DUAL STEREO mode:Records a back-up safety track in case levels are set too high and clipping occurs. The safety track can be set to record from -6dB to -12dB below the initial take. If an actor suddenly screams a line, you have a backup recording that isn’t distorted.


Does this feature works also with phantom power mics (for example rode ntg3)? thx so much. :)

I ask this because for example my Zoom H6 does not have this safe rec option for external phantom power mics. Zoom H6 have this option only with the module EXH6 (sold separately). the problem is this. surprice: the module EXH6 does not allow phantom power.... So this recorder is useless if you use a phantom power mic with actors that can scream (so in my case is useless and I must sell my Zoom H6 and buy the tescam, if the safe rec works with phantom power).

I'm really in worry with Zoom, I also wrote to the company (an email) they said it's like I said: I can not have a backup rec to minus db with this device if I use a phantom power mic also with the EXH6 module. I wish to do not sell my Zoom H6 but unfortunatelly I have not enough money for both (zoom and tescam). I asked them for a firmware update they said:

To enable them, it is necessary to load more expensive CPU onto the unit. Anyway your opinion has been noted. Although we do not want a price boost by the increase in functions, we will forward your email to the development team for future reference.

So if you want to take audio for cinema or theatre/any actor performance, and you want to use a phantom power professional mic, do not buy Zoom H6. Unless you can ask to your actors to be quiet.

General Help Q&A / I'm having issues with the last nightly build for 7D.
« on: December 15, 2014, 01:59:47 AM »
I'm having problems with the last nightly build for 7D. the problem seems to be some kind of bud: when I push the recod button and than I push it again it does not stop to record. the red circle that indicate that the camera is still recording does not disappear if I click "stop recording". the only way to exit from that is to shut down the camera and then format the CF to remove magic lantern. 


I do not know is that possible that I do something wrong in my installation workflow?

What I do after format my CF is this:

1) follow this guide which i saved on my HDD. I used this guide to install ML

2) download the lastest build

3) open the build folder, then copy and then paste in the root of my CF.

I discovered that at the same address of that guide today there is a new message:

The guide say to copy only the lastest nightly build for 7D on the clean CF and then run firmware update. I have not yet tryed it. do you have any suggestion please? Did I had that "rec button bug" because I was using an outdated guide?

thanks a lot for your support! :)

I wish to color in Davinci but Davinci Lite does not have any noise reduction. I have lightroom which have a nice noise reduction utility for RAW: I wish to remove the noise in lightroom then continue my work in Davinci Lite. I did some experiments, but I failed.

I start with ML RawViewer, I make CDNG files from MLV file. I open those files with Ligtroom and then I apply to them some noise reduction. Then I export all the files in DNG or "same as source" (that is CDNG). I open those DNG in Davinci Lite but the noise is still there again, it looks like I have not used Lightroom to remove the noise.

some example:

ISO 6400, and heavy noise reduction (just for test).

lightroom before

lightroom after

davinci lite (the noise come back)



What can I do to allow Davinci Lite to see the noise reduction applied to my DNG from Lightroom please?

EDIT by SDX: please don't post images larger than 600px

Hello I need suggestion about which CF are the best in terms of reliability. I need them for work so they must abosolutley have the reliability factor. I need them 90% for H264 and 10% for RAW video which will be more than 10% if the card is good enough. My budget is about 150 euro.


I bought the Canon 7D after a long period of savings (years and years). I bought the Canon 7D becaus I belived in the RAW video potential. I study to be a film director and I wanted my workt to be in RAW (it's awesome).

Now I face this huge problem it's called "fixed pattern noise" it literally ruins the image and I want to fix it. I'm not a developer guy but I'm sure that if we cooperate togheter we can fix it in some way. I will never give up about this.

Maybe we can solve the problem in photoshop, maybe some developer will help us but in some way I need to start doing something. The time is passing and I do not see many developments on the horizon. So I wish to start taking the best picture of the fixed pattern noide that I can have. I wish to find a way to subtract the noise (like a compensation).

My tools are:

Canon 7D with ML and Bootflag
Computer notebook with Win7

Any advice will be greatly appreciated! bye! :)

General Chat / I need a new microphone for my Zoom H6
« on: April 29, 2014, 01:06:09 PM »
Hello I need to take audio in short movies and I'm actually using my Zoom H6. the problem is that his X/Y microphones are too much sensible and takes so much sound from the  surroundings environment.
I need a microphones that takes ony the voice of the actors also in ambience where it's too loud. is the rode ntg2 the right microphone?

I wish a michropnone that give a nice volume level when recording. and give not white noise. which is the best for my zoom h6? my budget is around 200 euros.

thanks a lot. :)

General Chat / Volume levels for movies?
« on: April 08, 2014, 03:33:39 PM »
Hello I wish to set the right volumes for a short movie in audio post production. Which decibel would you set for separate music, voices, and sound fx?
When in the movie people talk the volume of the music must be less then before. And there are some sound effects which are louder than others, but in the most cases, when the music is alone, the voice also is alone, and the sound effects are "basic", which volumes do you set for cinema? thx 

p.s. if you can link to me some article, forum discussion, anything reguarding this I would really grateful. thanks again! :)

If the lens can tell to the camera the distance of the subject could it be possible to set two different white balance in the same photo/frame?

I mean maybe I could use "cold" white balance for everything is very distant (mountains, sea,) and I could use in the same pic "warm" white balance for everything is very close to me (subject like people, close buildings, etc, etc...).



My camera is the 7D if you need I could do some beta testing.
I imagine something like this (different colors from close to far). maybe those examples are not really rappresentative sorry.

General Chat / How to Record a Gunshot with zoom H6?
« on: March 31, 2014, 11:47:48 PM »
I need to record the sound of a gun shot, my friends have a gun (with "no real bullets") but the sound is the same as the original bullets.
I have the zoom H6 but I do not know which volumes are the best to record such a loud sound. Maybe I will have only one chance to record it (only one bullet) so I wish to start with the right settings.

Thanks for help. :)

Duplicate Questions / Slots for picture style
« on: March 17, 2014, 01:39:08 PM »
Can ML add more than 3 slots for Picture Styles on EOS DSLR?


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