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Would it be possible to add a cancel button / feature to advanced bracketing. I've often taken HDR photos in the nighttime with low iso and the exposure times might rise up to 15 minutes or above. 
ML shows quick reviews of the photos on the camera display, and often I see that the last photo already had enough light in the darkest areas of the photo, but the ML automatics (or my own settings) still want to take one (or two) more photo and I have to wait over 15 minutes, or turn off my camera while it's taking the photo. 

I really don't like the last option, as I already did that once (it was getting cold outside) and it messed up my camera settings. I remember that at least the af was no longer on the half press of my shutter button where it used to be. Some other settings were messed too. Might be bad for the camera also?

Anyway, it would be perfect if we could stop the photo sequence by simply pressing the shutter button again. Could this behaviour be added if possible, please.

And thank you! I can't say enough how much I appreciate your work.

(Im using 7D btw)