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Hey guys,

I spent part of the summer playing around with the slowmo raw at 48fps on the 5Dmkiii, here's are the results if anyone wanted to see how it cuts with the Red One (spoiler, the 5Dmkiii raw shots are noticeably cleaner and sharper!). There's only a couple shots that are 24fps.

Tech specs: Shot at 2:35 aspect ratio, so the footage needed to be stretched in post, despite which, they're still incredibly sharper and more usable than the native 720 60p. In many shots the bottom row or two of pixels would do weird things (like not line up properly with the row of pixels above it or compress poorly, so some shots are also zoomed in 1.010x to crop that garbage out.

Workflow was Raw files to DNG with RawMagicLite, imported directly to Resolve 11, where it was cut, color graded and exported direct to H.264 for upload to Vimeo.