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General Help Q&A / Anamorphic mode ??
« on: March 26, 2016, 04:53:13 PM »
I don't have my hands on a 5D2 or 5D3 yet. But what anamorphic modes does ML- Raw offer? And does it desqueeze the image in live view?

I plan to shoot anamorphic photos, and raw video very seldomly. Since I have another camera for video purposes.

Is there a difference between the 5d2 and 5d3? If I'm just shooting for stills in anamorphic mode?

I appreciate the info!


Raw Video / 5D3 raw w/external recorder ??
« on: January 12, 2016, 06:55:52 AM »
Hey all so I currently use a gh4 w/Atomos assassin for 10-bit 422, etc. And now with the 5D3 I see the latest build 2015Dec20.5D3123 includes clean hdmi out. Could I use my Atomos assassin just as a viewing monitor, and not record externally to it? I appreciate any tips!

General Help Q&A / CF card for 5D-MK2/3 w/ML ??
« on: January 20, 2013, 09:02:20 PM »
Hey all,

I currently use a Sandisk Extreme 16GB 60mb/s in my 5D-MK2 running the newest ML v2.3.  My issue is when I press the record button in video mode. The buffer will fill up and will immediately stop recording. And I have to wait a few seconds before I can press the record button again. Then it will record normally. And this happens on the initial start up of the camera.

The Bitrate in ML is set to CBR 1.4x, all other settings are in default setting. Also I always format the cf card in camera after off-loading data and before every use.

So now I'm thinking if I should switch to the Sandisk Extreme Pro 90mb/s or to the higher Lexar Pro 800x/1000x CF card.

Should this fix my issue? Because its an annoyance and problem when I'm on set filming and the recording stops once I press the record button. Then having to wait a few seconds before I can press the record button, causing me to re-do the scene that I'm filming.

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