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Hardware and Accessories / Battery Grip issue 600D+ML2.3
« on: January 05, 2013, 11:37:54 PM »
Hello everyone.
New to the forum and new to ML.
First of all Hello to everyone and thatnks for ML, really useful to improve capability of the camera

Now the facts
I own a new 600D and on the 3r Jan to make a startrail I downloaded ML 2.3.
I checked the version of the firmware before installing is the 1.0.2.
Everything was ok but now I've a weird behavior with the battery grip I tried to use with the startrail.
My BG is a "smart" one because it gives the possibility to have command also for vertical photo.
This is exactly the model
and worked perfectly before installing ML.

Now the issue.
If the BG is connected, the zoom feature of the play mode on the camera does not work at all.
If the BG is connected and I switch ON, the LCD disappeared.
If the BG is removed, the camera seems to work perfectly.
I didnt check this with ML because I uninstall it soon after the starTrail.

Now, I think the issue is in ML that removed some settings on the port that is available in the battery slot.
Before ML the BG worked perfectly.
Also uninstalling ML and reflashing the 1.0.2 downloaded from the canon site, didn't fix the problem.

This feature of the BG is very relevant for the use I did with the camera, so any suggestion solution is really welcome.

PS I didn't post in the broken camera because the camera is working.

Thanks in Advance for your collaboration.


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