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Feature Requests / Alarm/Timer/clock
« on: June 03, 2013, 05:50:26 AM »

I'd love a feature where one can set an alarm in-camera.

Eg: Every 30mins flash the LCD screen on/off and/or beep to remind me to check .. say ... whether the photo printer (an an event) is out of paper.

Also, say ... "check at 20:00" whether the someone has arrived at the venue to take pics of them in particular.
Also, one perhaps could program it (through a text file maybe) of an event program that you can browse in camera.
This may be useful in a wedding, where the car is scheduled to arrive at blah and I don't want to keep checking my watch, the camera can just nag me when I should go get in position for when the car arrives, etc.

Also .. a clock! Like the Ixus clocks, or any clock.

Also .. maybe a quick .. "nag in 5minutes" option to quickly set a reminder to do an unspecified something in 5min. So maybe in 5min or 15min, 30min, etc. In fact, this might be the barest minimum option.


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