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General Development Discussion / Unused (unnecessary) firmware tasks
« on: January 04, 2017, 04:01:07 PM »
I read that some ports (EOS M) experience a shortage of tasks. If this is related to the hardcoded limit of DryOS tasks, the following might help. Quoting an old post of mine:
Looking at the output of 'extask' (extended task information for DryOS), I noticed that a task named EvShel (event shell) has unusually large stack space (0x8000 bytes aka 32kB). This task is only used for debugging over the UART, but it's sitting idle in all cameras used by ordinary people - waste of RAM.
As an experiment, I have prevented this task from starting (on the a470) - it's usually started from the last BL in the 'CommonDrivers' task. Side effect is that this prevents two other tasks from being started (ConsoleSvr, LowConsole) - these would be started by EvShel itself.
That was a PowerShot cam. If cameras on the EOS codebase also survive if those 3 tasks are missing, ML could start 3 tasks more.
I only verified that the above task names are present in the 550d dump. Somebody will have to check if Evshel task's creation can indeed be removed from the boot process, without penalties.

Just an idea.

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