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Feature Requests / LCD screen calibration
« on: September 02, 2015, 12:24:35 PM »
Couldn't find any discussions of this, so I try to ask...

Shooting in h264 and reviewing the videos in a decent and calibrated monitor, I found them very different in terms of color temperature, brightness and contrast from what I saw in live view when sooting.
It would be possible any sort of LCD screen calibration?

Thanks to all,

Duplicate Questions / 5D3 1.1.3. - CF formatted exFAT - best cluster size
« on: October 22, 2014, 07:24:05 PM »
Does anyone, using a 5D3 with 1.1.3 firmware, wants to share info about which could be the best (in terms of performance and stability) cluster size to choose when formatting a CF card with exFAT file system?

Feature Requests / FPS OVERRIDE optimized for HDR time-lapse shooters
« on: December 12, 2013, 08:41:12 PM »
I'm gonna try to explain this... sorry for my english :)
If I want to shoot an HDR time-lapse I use RAW VIDEO and HDR VIDEO together, but if I want to obtain couples of frames (e.g. 100/1600 ISO) that are VERY similar (that's the way to minimize ghosting in the HDR process) I need to use a high frame rate, resulting in a large waste of frames unused, a lot of time selecting 2 frames every lots of intermediate frames, and without the possibility to shoot for long time because of RAW video occupies lots of space, even in large CF cards. I make an example:

For a regular time-lapse I suppose my target is a final clip of 10 seconds of duration at 25fps to shoot, for a total of 250 frames. Using FPS OVERRIDE and set it to 0.500fps, so I shoot a frame every 2 seconds, my shooting session will be 8 minutes and 20 seconds long.

So, for an HDR time-lapse I set RAW VIDEO, HDR VIDEO (e.g. 100/1600 ISO) and FPS OVERRIDE at 25fps.
In an interval of 2 seconds I will shoot 50 frames, but I need only 2 frames so I will trash 48 frames every 2 seconds!

It would be useful an FPS OVERRIDE / HDR-TL MODE, that shoots 2 frames at high frame rate like 35fps (with HDR VIDEO on), then a selectable pause (e.g. 2 seconds) and again 2 frames, and so on.

May be is a good idea, may be is impossible, may be nobody cares...

Best regards!

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