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General Help Q&A / Folow Focus in Manual Mode
« on: January 18, 2013, 01:03:36 AM »
hi..on start sry for not precise english

i just start with new seting in Magic Lantern 2.3V ... Folow Focus... this stuff is just WOW after i start using it but.. if i understand it good its only for Video recordings ?..

Just moment ago i was try use Folow Fosuc on Step 1 ( WOW ) in Manual mode .so Stills shoting none video..
Folow Focus with step 1 ( step 3 is hard for me to understand why is there ) .. i  set my T3i on Manual with  Folow Focus on. and Auto Focus ON on my Lenss ( standard 18-55 no usm III kit ),,

with Step 1 i can set focus so precise and what is most importand FAST ..i planing to use it on 300 mm lens and Astrophotography.but there is `problem` .. everything works grate but when  i set focus with buttons +- and im ready to make Shot  i push Shuter button and auto focus from lens  again focusing :/  .. this Folow Focus  going to be so uselfull and power full for me when i use 300mm lens with out stabilizer  so  i ll be able to focus Stars faster .. there is some way to stop focusing again after  i push Shot button ?  i focus object with Folow Focus in AutoFocus on lens but when im ready  to shot camera again focusing dont have  chances to Focus Automaticly objects like Stars..not enought contrast ?or light..

how i can use  Folow Focus when i shoting Stills ? its possible ?

General Help Q&A / WB questions
« on: December 29, 2012, 05:18:02 PM »
i just wonder if i made WB at home and i turnoff camera i need after camera startup make another WB ? or camera remember WB setings..?

General Chat / next Cosmic Event coming up
« on: December 24, 2012, 04:29:23 PM »
after cloudly meteor shower nights another even coming up :

evrything starts 25.12.2012..9.48pm .. Find Moon on Sky :

moon will be in 95.01% Faze before full moon so will be eazy to find on sky :D ..

on the left from Moon u will see Jupiter

At 25.12.2012..11.48pm   Moon will closing to Jupiter very very close..

at  26.12.2012..02.48am   moon will  pass jupiter

its cool even ..with big lenss u can take shot of both  jupiter and moon and u can see  few jupiter moon`s..its cool moment for take grate shot perspective of Space and distance..or time lapse ;)

wish u clear sky ;)

hi  and realy sry for spam around :/

i just check one thnig and will be cool to have there ..

i mean ML and Movie setings .HDR video have `only` 2 steps for iso A and B . when iso switch there is jump in light..its cool but jump is not cool..
its just idea ..but will be cool to have some 15 or more is better steps there..with more precise iso changing . max jump in iso lets say some 50 or less 1.0 .. for make better smoth light changing..
is sounds sensable and will be very usefull itihng.. icant wright all these programs so i just drop and idea :D

Edit :

or add option what will control fade when sensor detect light changing this jump will be some type of Light Fade ..from 0.0 iso ( i mean value to switch ) to 100 (max switch value ) and all this action lets say in 1.1 second ..  will be cool to have another option to control fade speed..
i knwo it sound realy crazy but can be lol in use

Feature Requests / [WONTFIX] TIFF after HDR Bracketing
« on: December 12, 2012, 09:27:30 PM »
i dont want sounds no sense but i like to say aboute this :

maybe it possible for u guys add thing what will Save  32bit Tiff file after taking HDR Bracketing shots ?
so after i take lets say 4 diferente exposure shots and ML will save it in TIFF file so when i open it in Photoshop or some another layer editing software i will see Tiff  file with 4 layers what i just take with HDR Bracketing..

i say aboteu this cus i was read sometihng abotue some Experimental RAW files..

Edit :

im not sure if  this is same or not :/

Things that can be done in post
Why spending development time on things like in-camera HDR? Magic Lantern is not a replacement for Photoshop

Share Your Videos / Intervalometer with Magic Lantern 2.3 V
« on: December 09, 2012, 09:11:06 PM »
i was thing abotue put this post to Picture section but its more movie ...

I use  Intervalometer from Magic Lantern for make short TimeLaps from last night

its my  third timelaps with MagicLantern and third timelapse ever :D ..i can say its my one of first ...

i pick some weird shcking while shoting..its weird cus tripod was in stable place and i was stand far from it...

i got two explenations for this ..

first its :some blind bat or some small bird in darknes hit few times tripod
second its : i was have selected some option what i dont knwo abotue it  lol ..

i made small simulation of that tripod moves and i was need to make I had to execute a strong hand movement for make same jump...well its small details why shacking are :

i use  :

Magic Lantern Intervalometer   , Set on 1 second Shoting

Canon Rebel T3i (D600)

18-55 standard lenss kit on    18

4 second exposure

2500 iso

none auto setings..

I thing movie got to muche blue but this is City Aura :/ ..( shots maked in alomst city center ) :/

alsow clouds taking light from ground lights

and jumps in movie :/

and two nasty red pixels :// ( i need to fix it again )

if any one like to say what u thing all comments will be nice to see.. so fell free for full critic

alsow  i got one more TimeLApse.. this one its my second...again short time ill try made some tihng muche longer..

General Chat / MeteorShower ..Starts Tonight
« on: December 08, 2012, 06:54:24 PM »


IMPORRTAND !!... do NOT foolow time on screan shot`s,,
screans are taken for england - europe.. check time difrence

hi ..
there is coool Cosmic event  ariive just moment ago ..
look in to dark deep and open shuter ..cus some colours and lights from distance commming..

there is Map...i select threee places on there :

1. its Gemini Constelation from where all show will come ``from``

2. its Taurus constelation where u can find Jupiter Shining in the Distane . its Jupiter who help u find presice  place on the earth sky

3. its Orion Constelation..its very characteristic place on earth sky .it help find good direction of lookin.

all this its Meteor Shower what in these days will be most active starts ``Tonight ``  and most activity of Meteors what comming from destuction of Planetoid  3200 Phaethon ( Featon ) will be at 14 DEC  and ``stops`` at   21 dec.. its can mean meteors can be Big ;) ;)  ...

all this will coming fomr Gemini Constelation its cool to focus lenns on Orion Taurus Constelation and ( primary ) Gemini fomr where Meteors wil lcmoming from ..

its grate scenarion on Earth Sky for make cool Photos or time lapse ...i going to prepare my self

Edit :

btw./.. for these one how not afraid  frozen air :)

in early morning  u can see another grate Nature Epic ....its three planets Rising on early Earth horizone..

before sun rise  u can see three characteristic Bright objects on horizon ...this will be Venus Saturn and Mercury...
three planets very ``close`` one to another  just Perfect for make photos  on NASA Level...

this poisitions are never happend again ;) ..just now we got  some not long moment( perspective one `year` od eart cycle ) for take shots these Three planets by ONE SHOT  !!!

dont miss chnce ;) one will be ehehe...yes wll be ..but :) u never sawi t again.. so DONT MIS IT !!

i jsut saying it guys cus u got more advanced lenses and tripods more chances  to make good shot.

one more screan shot . It`s how it can look ... Moon will be in perfect Faze for Shots.. and three planets...

Feature Requests / ICON file
« on: December 08, 2012, 06:47:15 AM »
will be cool to add ML logo  /.so when memory card is inside reader and we wiev my copmuter we can see logog not empty os icon

Feature Requests / AntiLiasing and USB miniPort control and Auto New Folder
« on: December 05, 2012, 10:33:42 PM »
im not sure if its new thing or not..

what aboute adding AntiAliasing modes in video or Shot mode`s or some functions where we can with ML manipulate some  AntiLiasing setings .it can make borders looks more smoth  in lower resolutions it can improve image quality and in high res it can be  so cool..

and one more.. it posssible to Add output power to miniUSB on Canon ? for what ? im not sure if this thing work now but how far i checkd is not possible now...

i was thing abotue connecting External Hdd to Mini USB Port ,but HDD what using USB power and they dont need batterys or some external ac power .. it sounds like possible cus with Canon Software its possible to save ( only Photos no Video ) on PC or Laptop hdd Shots stright  from Canon to Hdd and Camera not saving files on Memory its possible to send soem data out side camera

so maybe its possble to make soem small `program` in ML what little lie aboteu destination of Saving files when he discovery some hdd device connected to mini usb port..

sry for not presice english  :/

Edit :

i got one more thing...

maybe its possbiel to add future what can  Automaticly Create New Folder for all single HDR Bracketing sequence and save all new started HDR Shots in New Folder ?

i geting big mess on my memory card ...and i just start using Digital ;p

General Help Q&A / Magic Lantern with full 12 tab HOT..BUT HOW !?
« on: December 02, 2012, 04:12:26 PM »
hello im new not mean newbe

i got big expirence with light and im analog  user T3i for ..

i got question ..i asked few times but no one can answer for  hmm..i was thought simple one..

i use now 2.3v ML  and it Powering UP soo High Canon cameras....

but in my ML 2.3v i got only 9 tabs with Out some seting what i can see in  ( imnot realy sure what exactly version this is cus all these tutorials or review videos  got one name 2.3 )  review  videos

i dont have Audio TAB ..i dont have External Audio ...i dont have so many another setings howi can get them there ?

i know abotue Menue button so i clickng it..still igot 9 Tabs...i can hide some ML setings in single TAB but i i cant hide TABS so its mean i dont have Hiden Tabs on ML 2.3 v..

i dont have Audio Tab and  few more...

how i can get  version with 12 tabs ?i got bugs on ML 2.3 v and u guys said its stable version...
well..bug its not my point here.. cus is one and not make big problem...

i use 2.3 v Magic Lantern and i dont want to be taken like some chidlish crying kid who Dont know  how to get 12 tab ML
i just need it cus i love experiments with light and Magic Lantern opening door to universe..

but if this 12 tab`s ML is avilable only for friends of ML makers or soem cool friends maybe some one give me know so i stop asking or trying to find it..

Share Your Photos / hi
« on: November 30, 2012, 03:11:49 AM »
hi there sry for not perfect english


 I bought canon T3i .. one website was note ... NEW ...
few hours ago i shot my few first digital photos :D ..before all my life i used analogs.. but no more money for films :S ..

i shot few dark sky photos for check noize and how it can look ..but i found on photos two weird  red dots..:/ ..looks like dead pixels..

i got question ...this is regular margin of mistake in sensor production or this is some big bad red dots what ca nmean this is not new camera ?..

i add few shots..i cant upload full res so tinypic resize my photos ..look on left midle down side of photo... close to moon..there is two red dots there but one is less visible with zoom out..

these shots are after first hands concact with camera so no setings or soem coolnes are on..i use ML 2.3 V ... is cool but more i like 2.3 RC1 cus more setings in menue... in 2.3 v i got only 9 tabs but in 2.3 RC1 i saw more :)))))) more fun inside ..

how ican get that more new version ? 2.3 RC1 or that lastest 2.3 RC2 ?

and i want back to my first question..

what u guys thing abotue this  two dead pixels..?

Edit :

i just saw rule what say no full size adds..ok..i just put links with out previw..

Edit :
i thing i found out why i got only 9 tabs.. version 2.3V got 9 and version 2.3 CR1 and CR@ got more ...corect me if am wrong pls :/

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