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I've spent the better part of the last three hours trying to piece together what's happened since I was last seriously active around October. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is almost parallyzed with all the information. What's new in the ML? What's the latest developments?
Im in Maui for the next two weeks, and when I got here I realized I stupidly left my 1050x's back at home. All I've got with me area few 64gig and 32gig Sandisk Extreme 60 mb/s cards. Whats the highest continuous you think I could achieve with these cards?
Raw Video / Digital Dolly Demo
July 02, 2013, 08:20:13 AM
I've been seeing a lot of questions regarding Magic Lantern's Digital Pan feature, so I thought I'd make this simple demonstration to explain just what it is. Hope it adds some clarity.
General Development / 5D3/2 HDMI transfer speed?
June 04, 2013, 10:10:58 PM
I have done quite a bit of searching, but have not found a sure-fire answer. Is it known what the transfer write speeds of the HDMI interface from the 5D3 and 5D2 are? Do they surpass the CF write speed of 163/MBs?

If there could be a possibility of spitting raw data through HDMI, I already have a team of very skilled engineers I am financing to research an HDMI interface, as well as a CF-to-SATA interface with a minimum transfer rate of 500mb/s (for future cameras).

I would really like to have an official HDMI investigation started, but I am only a designer and investor, and have zero skills in development.
Would anyone by chance happen to have a complete 5D3 and/or 5D2 CAD model, or the schematics for the CF door?

I'm working closely with a software & electrical engineer on the CF-to-SATA solution, and my design includes a fitted CF port that "seals" the card slot, so the camera thinks that there is a card in the body. Whats more, the design does not physically modify the existing door/body, and there would be no need to "trick" the door slot.

I would measure and draft it out myself, but I do not have the time, and his CF-SATA interface would be complete before I could find the time.
With a theoretical limit of 1.2 gigabytes a second, would a CF-to-HDMI cable adapter be an option to look into? I am working with a computer hardware engineer in Irvine on getting a functional CF-to-SATA prototype up and running, and the HDMI idea came to mind.

Pros to the CF-to-HDMI interface would be the aforementioned 10gbit/sec limit, but also the ability to record straight to a number of pre-existing devices, such as the Atomos Ninja2. Doing so, to the Ninja specifically, would give us ProRes .mov's, as well as the ability to monitor what we are recording.

Just a thought. I've already funded his research on the CF-to-SATA, and we are in the process of designing a Canon LP-E6 powered SSD dock.
I just stumbled upon a Gizmodo article written almost literally one month ago today, about a new lineup of SD/CF cards from Toshiba. They claim a min/max speed of 65/150 for CF and 60/95 for SD.

Amazon SD's:

$84usd for a 32gb SD that boasts 95wr could be great if development on a 12bit or 10bit compressed rate is mastered.

I'd love to see some benchmarks on the SDs, as they look promising on paper, and are very affordable. Maybe throwing a high-speed SD into a more affordable low-storage-high-speed CF adapter? Im probably blabbing on now after going 32 hours without sleep, but a more affordable solution is exciting for many. I had to throgh out an extra $6400 to get two more 5D3 bodies for the studio, so spending a couple of hundred bucks on a CF card hurts :(
I'm sure it's been discussed multiple times already, and I will admittedly say I have absolutely zero skills to bring to the table when it comes to actual developmental coding. With this said, the new developments on the silent Raw burst mode are truly a very exciting thing to come, especially for someone such as myself, who is a working unit stills photographer on sets.

In two days (April 30th), we will have clean HDMI output on the 5D3. Pairing this with field recorders such as the groundbreaking Atomos Ninja2 & Samaraui Blade, the 5D3 went up a notch in quality and possibilities. With that on the horizon & the news that ML is working on Raw DNG in burst mode, and my blood pressure escalated with excitement!

Industry figures like Luke Neumann immediately raved about the VIDEO possibilities that this brought to the table, on how we could do 24p RAW on our CF/SD cards...and thats where my skepticism came in.

Sure, our cards can handle burst mode before running into issues, but wouldnt a smarter direction for any future video implantation be with use of field recorders such as the Atomos Ninja2?

I think that should be the direction to take with this, as it is very realistic. There would be no issue with buffer time, and the transfer rate via Cat2 HDMI is "theoretically" something as high as like 10.2gbps, but more realistically 3.4Gbps.

Just some thought...I'd gladly be a guinea pig with my Ninja if someone wants to throw files my way. I've got a pile of 2.5" hard drives I could spare, and a few weeks before my next project starts.

Just a thought, as I'm sure its not nearly as simple as something like this...
Been looking around for this feature for a while, haven't found it yet. Is there a possibility to shoot using multiple monitors on 2.3/5D2? It'd be great to have my recording preview on one monitor, with all my ML tools on another (such as zebras, focus assist, audio, etc...).

Anything out there?