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Hi developers,
the subject already is quite self explanatory. Sometimes, when you shoot consecutive frame, for example in a stop motion animation or in an hyperlapse (timelapse with camera movements too), could be useful to see in overlay the last frame shooted, to alignment purposes. i don't know if it's already imagined before or not, or if it's possible to do it or not, i can imagine that could be difficult/impossible for ML to know the last image taken. but if it's possible should be very interesting some times

Share Your Videos / Dolomites timelapse
« on: August 27, 2012, 04:02:36 AM »
Hi all,
just s short timelapse, part of a huge amount of timelapses i'm doing in dolomites these days. i have only one week to shot, so i have a lot of raw material to process when i will be back in rome. This is only a little preview.
The timelapse was done using magic lantern of course, and the postpro was done in lightroom, with the help of LRTimelapse for keyframing and for deflickering.

Feature Requests / [DONE] automatic keystroke repeater after a while
« on: August 07, 2012, 09:35:34 PM »
Inspired by how the computer keyboard works, or how the tv interfaces or the volume keys of mp3 players, would be great to have a keystroke repeater after say 2 seconds it's pressed.
an example is when you have to set a value that can go from 0 to 100 in 1 steps (like focus ramping one). If you want to go to 100 now you must press the set key 100 times. but with this feature you should press only once and then stay pressed for 2 seconds. After that the values should start increasing. the best for usability should be a progressive speed boost. so it starts slow, and end up very fast

what do you think?

Forum and Website / I have a dream about the homepage :)
« on: August 01, 2012, 03:04:44 AM »
Hi all,
i'm visiting this forum many times every day. But everytime i pass from the homepage of the site, just to see the news and so on.
And the first thing i see is that barbie. nothing to tell about that foto, i like it. But should be great if that image inside the camera will change often (everyday?)
So i have an idea:
why don't post, in a sticky on the forum or something like that, a template for inserting something in that place, and let the users of the forum to post here their homepages? then the admins of the site (b4rt for example) can select thei'r preferred and put it online when they want/have time.
This is a wonderful idea... isn't it? ;))

Share Your Videos / FPS override with lensbaby EDGE80 in Rome
« on: July 31, 2012, 04:25:55 AM »
Hi guys,
nothing special here, but today i've taken my lens baby EDGE80 for trying the fps override for timelapse. I'm really more a photographer than a videographer, and i prefer to shot photos instead of videos, for timelapses also. But in this case i wanted to give it a try. and i must admit that for some kind of timelapses (especially for urban, people etc) the FPS override is a good alternative.
Alle the footage is as it come out of the camera, no post pro here, no style applied, all default with my 60d :)
enjoy :)

Share Your Photos / focus stacked bee
« on: July 29, 2012, 10:32:45 PM »
Hi guys,
here is a couple of pics taken using focus stacking funcion in magic lantern and then combined with combinezp software.

and speaking about focus stacking... any news b4rt? :D

Timelapse Postprocessing / LRTimelapse and bulb ramping
« on: July 28, 2012, 10:26:26 PM »
Hi guys,
today i'm trying for the first time lrtimelapse
It's a very powerful software, that is used to set all you need about timelapses (like deflickering and other things, such as keyframing every aspect of the scene in time).
And i've tried it with a old bulb ramp that i've discarded because it was too flickering. And surprisingly the result with LRtimelapse is quite interesting. The idea behind this software is very genial, in my opinion. It is like a brain, that calculates all the parameters needed in lightroom frame by frame. Then it saves all this calculation in the metadata of files, and when back in lightroom, you only need to reimport the metadata et voilĂ , the timelapse is done. for me is amazing! :)

here is the video:

Hi guys, i've already post this in another thread related to crompmarks, but i think could be useful to create a new topic about it here, in tutorials and creative uses. If the moderators think, can remove this or the other post, if not, better :)))

So, for who want to do by himself cropmarks in windows now i've discovered how to do that. This is because the file convertrld.rb is a ruby script (i'm not a programmer, so i was not shure on how the hell was this script, but with a bit seraching around found it's ruby). So, for windows users, you can install ruby on your pc, i've used this:

Then, after following the procedure already described very well in the ml wiki you simply have to do this:

1. when you install tell to the installer to add ruby in your global path
2. after installing, open a console using windows key + r and typing "cmd" (this opens a command prompt)
3. drag the .rb file in the command prompt window
4. put a space in the string you have on the cmd prompt
5. drag the .bmp you want to compress in rle
6. the script create a .bmp.rle file in the same foldr of your bmp cropmark. simply delete the original, rename the new one cutting the .rle and put it in you magic lantern cropmarks folder

enjoy :D

this is my first crompmark. I saw there's a lot of useful and fantastic and really professional crompmarks out there, so here i've done something different. This cropmark tells you the proportions of the facebook timeline cover and profile image. So in a single shot you can do a spectacular combination of cover and image profile. Simply shot, putting for example your face in the small square profile border, with a great panorama behind you :)
Then in photoshop you have to use this template and aligning/scaling your shot with the template. cut out the profile and the cover et voilĂ , a perfect facebook profile :))

if you need more info i'm here ;))

Share Your Photos / some startrails
« on: July 27, 2012, 02:01:43 PM »
Hi all,
here is a 371 frames startrail. About 3 hours of real time (every shot is 30seconds, iso 160, f2.8).

Just for information, i've first processed the shots in lightroom for gaining the stars and lowering down the light pollutions in the sky, because i'm in rome, and there's no pretty skys here :))) than gived an overall contrast and saturation and applied to all my shots. Then i've exported in tiff, and opene with the great (and free) startrails:

after that i've merged manually with some masks and some layer blen styles in photoshop, between the trails and the first shot (so as you can see i have a not so strong trail and the pointy stars of the single shot visible.
and that's all :))

if you like it you can find the other startrails i've done here:

And just about intervalometer, i've posted some days ago, in the features request section, this post:
about some new interesting features in intervalometer function.
In that post i speak about changing the interval between 2 shots dinamically in the timelapse (for acceleration/deceleration purpouses, for example).
But doing this timelapse, i thought that should be incredible if you can also change all the values during the timelapse. For example a great effect with startrails should be to start with a very open aperture (and probably with high iso) and fast time (to have pointy and bright stars). And then decreasing every frame the iso/or aperture and increasing the time. The result should be something like a startrail with a big start and a trail that goes tiny...
should be great to experiment :)))

Hi all,
i don't know if it a topic already spoked about somewhere in the forum, or if it is a "not so simple" or "not so useful" idea, but i'de like to see new features about timelapses.
For example should be fantastic to select an interval for the start and one for the end. For example, i want shot 100 frames, starting at 10seconds interval and arriving to 1 second interval at the end. So you can do something like acceleration/deceleration in timelapses. Or for example combined with bulbramp you can start a sunset with a 10seconds interval, and when the night becomes the interval increase to 1 minute, so the iso could stay low.
This is the concept. then in my mind i've gone further, i think of a sort of xy graphic with the frames on the x and the interval on the y. And the user can add point in this xy. every point has 2 values, the frame and the interval. So, let's say, one can decide to put an accelleration on start, then a straight framerate for a while, and the finishing slow down.. would be amazing :)
And, should be amazing to apply some mathematical formulas too, i don't know what, something like some spline behaviours. so a slow start, and acceleration and a slow down on the end. And for example letting to the user the coiche of how much "easing" there's.
but ok, this is fantasy, but setting the start interval and the end interval should be enough amazing too ;))))

Archived porting threads / New canon EOS M mirrorless cameras
« on: July 24, 2012, 07:30:18 PM »
Hi developers,
i don't know if this is the right place, and i'm shure that it's to soon to speak about it, but recently canon announced the new eos m camera, that is the first canon mirrorless. Reading about it i've found that it is very similar to our actual eos dslrs, digic 5 processor, probably the same 18mp sensor of the 650d, and a lot of other similarities.
So the question is, do you think a day in the future magic lanter should be compatible with it? i image a little camera capable of all the magic of magic lantern :))
we will see :D

Share Your Photos / Rome by night, with automatic hdr feature
« on: July 22, 2012, 05:25:52 PM »
Hi all,
some night ago i went out to test magic lantern feautres and take some photos. And i've done a lot of hdr with automatic hdr bracketing. Here is a view of rome from a panoramic spot (called pincio):

Hi all,
today i taked some shots with the new magic lantern. I've used the automatic hdr function. I love that function, because especially in the night hdr photography you don't know if all the lights are covered, or all the dark areas. Sometimes this function gives me a lot of shots, sometime not, it really depend on the scene. and this is fantastic, because with automatic you are shure you have all shots you will need later. When i'm not in a hurry i use this function, with small 0.5 step of exposure between each one. And then, when on my pc, i can use all the shots, or only some of them.
Here is the result, did the hdr tonemapping with photoshop and lighroom (really like the "quite natural" result of this workflow). And some little retouching for removing the bag on the left side
view large ;)

or view it on my flickr:

Hi guys,
just discovered a new function available in lightroom. the hdr tonemapping. And in a really interesting way.
here is an example done with 9 shots taken with magic lantern hdr functions:

The workflow is quite simple, and those of you that are using lightroom and photoshop for tonemapping will find this workflow very similar to what you already do.
Open the shots in lightroom, select all the shots you want to join in an hdr, and then click with right mouse button, and in the modify menu you can find something like "join to hdrpro in photoshop" (i have the italian version of software).
So now that you are in photoshop, don't tone map here, but join the photos in a single 32bit tiff. Save the image and edit it in lightroom like every other image. And that's it. You can simply lower down the hilights and up the shadows and you have a perfect natural hdr. If you want a more hdrish look simply go up with clarity and with saturation ;)

Share Your Photos / Focus stacking and HDR together
« on: July 02, 2012, 08:52:04 PM »
Hi guys, here is an experimentation with focus stacking and hdr functions combined together. I've shot a 3 bracketed hdr focus stacking with a final result of something like 200 images to combine. Then i tonemapped all together the brackets, and then combined the focus slices with combineZP.

General Help Q&A / new firmware version on 60d
« on: June 20, 2012, 01:26:42 AM »
hi magic developers,
i don't know if here is the right place for my question, anyway...
i've read right now that there's a firmware update for canon 60d. nothing special really, only minor bugfixes. anyway, before installing it i want to know if is magic lantern compatible with the new firmware or not. in the case it isn't, i will wait to install it, thx for help ;)

Hi all,
i'm really happy about this new site, and whis that this will be a great and growing community. This is some focus stacking experiments i've done with magic lantern :)

and this is a set with various things related to magic lantern (timelapses, startrails, focus stacking, hdr etc):

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